MojitoJoe's Sodas and Beverages limited.

The following is a flyer being distributed around town

Wanted Local Artists!

Many of you have by now tried my delectable brand of sodas. As perfect thirst quenchers as they are there is only one possible thing to make them better, and that is label art. I will pay 25 bits per submitted and accepted label art for my sodas and tonics. Show off your art and it could grace my bottles and be seen all around town and beyond! New art will replace old labels every month so submit often but submit early for bottle spaces are going to be taken.

MojitoJoe's Joes! - A minty flavored carbonated drink with a hint of lime juice. It is so good, his name is on every bottle!

Cherry Jubilation - A very cherry flavored soda that is sure to always hit the sweet spot!

Orange Day Dreams - An orange dreamsicle flavored soda. So smooth and so right on a hot summer day.

Laughing Hydra Root Beer - The infamous Root Beer endorsed and approved by resident friendly hydra Fred, Ted and Ed.

Lemon Lime Time - A classic zesty lemon lime soda filled with carbonated goodness, perfect when you’re ready to take a break.

Jo - Cola - A classic cola drink made by a classy pony.

Applelosa Sarsaparilla - A little taste of the frontier life in a bottle.

* Sweet Apple Sours - Made from granny smith apples from Sweet Apple Acres, it’s a sweet and tart drink that will make you happy to pucker up.

* Sweet Apple Sparkle – Not a soda but a special 1.5 liter bottle of sparkling apple cider made from the sweetest picked apples from our local Sweet Apple Acres.

Note* These products are made from the fine apples grown locally from Sweet Apple Acres. So know that for every bottle you purchase of these you are investing it right back into the town. Sweet Apple Acres is a fine and wonderful family owned orchard that has literally put Ponyville on the map. For a limited time for every bottle sold a portion of those profits will go to rebuilding and repairing this wonderful establishment.


Submit all art to…

MojitoJoe Sodas and Beverages limited.

104 Hoofingston Street

Ponyville, Equestria xxxxxx