The New 52nd and Mane

Its been over a month but thanks in part Showtime and his crew members including many of the staff of the 52nd and Mane we are back in business! Come tonight! Our doors are opened once again at 11:00 AM and we will stay open until 2:00 AM. You will see through the week that we made some delightful changes to the restaurant and our menu. The following are the highlights...


  • As you can see we kept much of the interior design as it was before however now we have a second floor added for additional dining space! Up a flight of stairs (or an elevator as also had been installed) you will find yourselves in a luxurious space. The second floor has a larger dance floor then the floor below, a full band music stage, and for being about half the size of the room below you can still look over the balcony to see the first floor below which makes our entire dining are now a large and dynamic open space.
  • Hanging from the ceiling of the second floor and now over the front center of the restaurant is a 1,000 glass crystal chandelier with color changing lighting. Marvel at the lighting that changes slowly to the music to suit the mood of the room.
  • The bar with its smooth rounded marble tops has been extended to facilitate not three but now five bartenders at once, ensuring everyone can get a drink or a malt shake faster then before. Overlooking the bar as well is our new and exquisite water clock time piece, accurate to the very second.
  • The karaoke machine remains on the first floor on its own stage next to our baby grand. Every night we will permit an open mic night for now on.
  • Jazz music and live band performances will be scheduled when legendary musician Smoky Blues is available
  • The third floor is for office and staff only however if you have an appointment or need to see our managers please let our staff know and we will be more then happy to bring you upstairs to meet them.
  • Outside and to the right of the building we have a stone patio and garden. A white metal fence encloses with several lovely umbrella stand tables for your outdoor dining needs. Speakers built on the outside of the building allows you to enjoy the music from indoors outside as well as a mini stage for those who wish to perform their own music out in the open.
  • Every weekend we will have a sensation menu special that changes every week. If you have a special request please inform our head chef Fyrelight and he will with approval make your suggestion the weekend special.
  • Opening hours after this weekend will start at 8:00 AM! We will start serving breakfast for all buffet style until 11:00 AM. We will also include a few special menu items so for those of you who missed breakfast or desire some brunch fare during the lunch hours can enjoy them.

We at the 52nd and Mane once again thank you for your patronage and continued support for our restaurant. It means so much to me, my family and everyone in our staff that you keep coming back and enjoying our establishment. Truly its you our customers who make the 52nd and Mane such a great place to dine and have fun. Come and see us anytime day or night and remember, everyone here is family.

Truly yours

- MojitoJoe