A New Equestrian Map

"This?" Sandy said, scrunching her nose and looking at the old, out-dated parchment that was the Equestrian Map that hung in the Mayor's Office. "They can't be serious, can they? This old thing's completely out-dated, out of proportion and basic beyond belief. I can't believe anypony would qualify this thing as a passable map! Hang on... I'm fairly certain I have something around here somewhere..."

Digging through her old saddle bags, Sandy produced a large parchment and placed it rather unceremoniously over the old, crude map. "There we are, much better! A map truly fitting to be hung in a government office! I only wish I could take credit for it. Hlissner certainly was an amazing cartographer," she said to herself with a nod. "It was his maps that paved the way for my expeditions. At least now, ponies won't find themselves getting hopelessly thanks to out-dated maps!"


Feeling rather good about herself, Sandy walked away leaving the new map for everypony to see in the Mayor's Office ((and in the Wiki)).