Night Mare Studio


Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

Owner: StarlightWing

Residents and/or Employees:  StarlightWing(Owner), Socks(Model,and resident)

Location: Near Sweet Apple Acres

Room: Sweet Apple Acres and the Fields

A small shop shaped like a four pronged star had been near the forest side of  Sweet Apple Achers, not far from FlutterShy's Cotage,  and close by the  river. The building itself had being painted  a black  color with an amethyst colored  trimming around it,  the roof had a three foot  black parasol over hang to black out the sun's rays from the inside.  The windows had been  stained a beautiful sapphire color, so  the light on the inside would send the  color to spread out  over the trees still viable  from the road way.

On the inside of the  shop the walls were painted  maroon, giving base to the contrasting cyan colored tile that stretched  though the whole building, illuminated by black like that with fixed from the ceiling  to look like flying bats. To the right of the entrance were a few manikins decorated in dark colored dresses, and suits, tailored to look very eerie, or late seventeenth century.  To the left was a small spire of shelves with  designs for clothing, and a sewing table, with fabrics stacked next to it.
  Directly in the center of the room was cash register sitting atop a simple desk, behind  it was a storage room for anything  the shot might lack upfront, to the right of the storage room was a small bed room  mend for one pony, a bed  dresser and mirror were all that were in there.
 The shop itself was rather small  bout a quarter the size of  Rarity's shop,  and   the owner was not competing with his mentor just wanted a place he could work when eh didn't feel like coming into town.