The Night Side (Original Location)



The Night Side is a curio shop which is situated next door to Ponyville Library.

Description (exterior): 
The new Night Side was a looked a lot more like the other buildings around Ponyville now, though a bit darker and more ominous. The whole thing had been heightened a bit so while it wasn't much taller, it did seem to loom over the road more than before. It was made mostly out of darker wood with two tall windows that looked like eyes overlooking the road, a sloped purple roof with a chimney (and skylight, of course on the back) and sort of a wrap around shape. The other major difference was a huge picture-window which had been added to the front of the shop. All in all, it looked sort of like a house had crashed into and wrapped around the old shop.

Description (interior):
The place was fairly dark, first of all, and quite warm owing to the potbellied stove near the counter which always seemed to have a fire going in it. The floor and walls (what could be seen of them) were heavily scarred from the vine invasion of Ponyville. The rest of the floor was covered with a large, old-fashioned and fairly dirty rug. The walls were completely covered with shelves, and each shelf was covered in knick-knacks and items in various sizes. Things like candleholders and finely carved glasses, small wooden pony statues, gems cut into shapes, puzzle boxes, broken cameras, umbrellas, notepads, seeds, jade figurines, crystal balls which glowed softly with their own internal light all the way to bits of burnt wood and shattered rocks with runes carved in them. There were books too, but not like the library books next door. These were old and often with dark covers and a musty smell, each one about old spells, forgotten cities or mythical creatures. Where there weren't shelves on the walls, there were broken clocks, some that moved too fast or not at all, paintings which felt...ominous...broken mirrors which didn't cast reflections, even a series of long glass dispensers full of what looked like Poison Joke leaves. Bigger things were stacked near the floor, gramophones and gargoyles made of stone, crates with worn lettering and ceremonial masks. From the ceiling hung a massive iron and wood chandelier with a -not for sale- tag on it, as well as dozens of golden trinkets, dreamcatchers, pennants and a very old-looking banner from Cloudsdale. matter where you were in the felt a little something was watching you or standing too close to you.