Nightmare Moon Arc wrap up along with other things

This post is to summerizes everything about the Nightmare Moon Arc along with any other information that might be interesting

Log #1 Lunar Festival  (info)

Log #2 Kidnapping

Log #3 Final confronation

Story summary: This is after the Glooze Event that brought Nightmare Moon back. It turns out all the power Nightmare Moon have been giving out to is not hers to begin with, she was manipulated by another creature called Ground keeper who's real reason was to lure all the ponies to go save Luna and, well, "collect" them and the whole of equestria for some kind of inter dimensional model exhibit... But the Element of Discord ( Thunderball, Nightmare Jewel, Spotlight Sample, Marble Sheen, Shine and Darkseed) somehow prepared for this, and ruins its plan by channeling 'happy thoughts' into the elements of discord moment before when Ground Keeper absorbed those power it gives them them, weakening him enough for the mob of ponies to take him out that way. As it stand, the monster was defeated. All the Element of Discord Pony have lost it's power for the moment. Luna is saved and Nightmare Moon left in disgrace of herself. 

Some funny moments. No serious or Epic moment here cause there are too many of those. 


In Respond to Luna Opening the hug line:

18:47:50 : Rhythm was too busy staring at the sky to notice, stamping his hooves excitedly. He tapped Spitfire excitedly on the haunches. "Whooooa, cool! Didja see that, didja? Didja!?"


19:22:48 Luna(( Muahahaha. ))

19:23:01 TigerHeart((Trolluna activated.))


22:29:35 Andromeda"She was giving hugs and gifts just a moment ago. She leaves with Daft Pony, and she comes back without them, and with a MOUSTACHE, and I'm the only pony who notices?"


00:04:55 : Twilight_Sparkle notices a few ponies that are.. Just down right new... She looks to Stocking, a bit confused, and once assured everypony is mostly ok, her attention moves to the downed... Nightmare Moon. "Great... Don't tell me this can get worst then Nightmare Moon..." Sure enough... it goes. "What... is that... thing.."

00:06:34Rainbow_Dash"Twilight." she says to her, looking up at the centaur. "Why would you say that? You know things are going to go wrong when you say stuff like that." she says weakly.


00:32:12 : Oni_Sorasousha looks up at the groundskeeper. "Nooo way! You're not going to want to collect me! I'm totally not collectable! I will do this!" He declares, and he twists his muzzle up into a rather awful looking expression, and while making a horrible face, he contorts himself into a rather wierd pose too. "I'll be like this forever and it will totally ruin your collection!"


Other news:

As you can see from this, we had quite a lot of ponies on at the same time! I know some of you wondered how many actual player is there. According to the database, the number was 42 at peekCoincident? You tell me.

Either way, it was a new record! (72 total character. It say 71.99 because it record actual time, if that pony was not online for the full 5 minutes it does not count as a full number.)

Also, we have some one adding some feedback thread in the forum. If you have something you like to add to the special event. Let us know!


Last but not least. I hope everyone had an enjoyable time! We will see you all again soon in our next major event!