The Nights Are The Worst

I think doing better...being here. In this Ponyville. A little.

I-I mean, I don't think I'll ever be fully used to it, and I'm still so scared of some of the things that happened. Like the Glooze

and the mean pony that tried to attack me. I-I don't want anypony to be hurt, I don't want to get hurt, and I can't seem to be able to help anypony...but, on the other hand, many ponies are going out of their way to try to make me happy...Miss Inkwell, Miss Applejack, Mister Arcane and Mister Kite...a-and a lot of other ponies that have been so nice 

to me...sometimes I forget and get to have fun. I've made friends and even had the very bestest day I've had so far a couple of days ago...

Even Miss Twilight has allowed me to stay with her in the library, has comforted me, has been so nice to me.

Even though I know she gets uncomfortable around me. Because of who I am.

So I-I'm doing better. Most of the time, during the day, I can distract myself of it. I can run around and play with Miss Inkwell and the others and read with and help Miss Twilight and do everything I can not to think about it.

But, at night...

When I wake up...and I wake up a lot, because of the bad dreams, I lay awake, and all I can think of is how much I miss much I want to be hugged by them, hugged so tightly it almost hurts...h-how they let me sleep with them when I get nightmares, so that they wouldn't come back...h-h-how they told me that they love me..

H-Here, in this Ponyville, I dont have any of that. I just feel afraid, and cold, and alone...

That's why nights are the worst.