North Star Loans

A completely unremarkable small edifice with a sign out front advertising loans located in the higher income areas of the Residential Area of Ponyville near the Carousel Boutique.  The windows and brown shutters are in good repair and the yellow hay roof as well is mostly leak-free.


Inside the front door is a square unfurnished waiting room.  On one side there is a table with the current Equestria Daily paper and financial news magazines arranged around a very large candle that is usually kept extinguished.  Near the back is a pair of offices, one for private consultations, the other for files and accounting.  There is a fireplace on the left hand side but the room is cold as the owner is a bit stingy with the coal.  Guests can browse the latest financial news while they wait for service.


The first office contains a single simple desk that is kept very clean except for a full inbox on one corner, another very large candle on the other corner, quills, ink and parchment.  Behind the desk is a filing cabinet with a magical horn-lock.  In here, clients negotiate settlements, create new contracts, and discuss opportunities. This is where Astron sits; a handsome unicorn stallion whos best days are behind him.  His demeanor is all business and fosters a healthy disdain for ponies who don't work for their upkeep.  His sunken eyes bespeak many months of staring at ledgers and balancing books, however his mind is sharp and he will not be taken advantage of.


The second office is the accountants office where there is a small desk stocked with a small candle, quills, ink and parchment.  Along the back wall is a large bank of filing cabinets and on the left is a vault with another magical horn-lock.  In this room, clients pay their bills and receive disbursements.  An accountant would take good notes about the transactions that occurred.  The heat from the fireplace rarely enters here and when it does, it competes with the draft from the window behind the filing cabinets making the room rather uncomfortable when the temperature is low.  Currently, the accountant desk is vacant.  Perhaps some poor pony needs a bit of low but stable income?