Open letter to Ponyville.. Complete with lei

An unfolded note tacked on the notice board By the Town Hall.  Pinned up next to it is a rather pretty orange and pink fresh flower lei.

To Whom it May Concern,

If that's not a professional start I don't know what is!  While I doubt too many of you have noticed my absence about town, I thought one or two of you might and it would be pretty bad of me to not say -something- for the select few who might be worried.  Almost two weeks ago now I was offered a rather amazing job opportunity through Pony Express.  Short version - expanded international courier division all thanks to me!  But!  I have to get it off the ground.  And that means long hours for the next month at least, as of my writing this.  And relocation.  I've got a sweet place out on the Big Island and I'll be living out here for now.  It's gonna be rare you'll see me around town, if at all.  Good luck without me, oh vast minority who didn't know but does care!  (That's sarcasm, by the way!)  And have some flowers, just don't eat them!  Gives you weird dreams, trust me.  Now, it's my day off and I have a wave to catch, don't wait up!  Sunny days ahead, i think..

To more waves, sunshine, and awesome puns!



((OOC note: as of late i've been feeling anything BUT motivated to play.  I've kind of just lost heart, and i don't really feel like i fit in here right now.  So!  It's time for a little break.  Would that i could REALLY take a trip to Hawaii and unwind, but this will have to do!  I'll be back in time, a month or three probably, but i have nothing unique to offer these days, so i guess it's for the best.  If you wanna stay in contact or set up something specific, just Skype me.  I'll be around.  See you when i see you! ))