A Personal Character Request thing. From Oni!

Yo everypony. I'm just doing a small request for auditions for some original characters of mine. I haven't drawn all of them, so that's also going to be part of the request too, unless I manage to make myself unlazy enough to draw them as well. But specifically, the characters I want played, are to be relatives of my main OC, Oni Sorasousha. If this doesn't appeal to you, I can understand, and don't feel that you have to read past the break, unless you are curious about doing so.





Now then, for those of you that are still here. I'll give a run down of the three characters I am looking for somepony to play:


Kuro Sorasousha

Mane: Black

Coat: Light Grey

Eyes: Turquoise

Mane Style: Short, and neat.

Tail Style: long and wispy.


Oni's older brother, and the oldest Sorasousha. He was the first to leave the Neighpon Cloud Archipellago. His cutie mark is a cyclone, and he specializes in whipping up and controlling the wind with carefully planned flying. He's nearly as smart as he is fast.


Gumption -2

Quickness -5

Excitement -1

Smartness -4

Caring -1

Friendship -1


Yasha Sorasousha

Mane: Dark Pink

Coat: Light Cream

Eyes: Green

Mane Style: Large spikes, similar to Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo.

Tail Style: Three large spikes, similar to mane style.


Oni's older Sister, and the second oldest of the Sorasousha siblings. Extremely Tsundere attitude.  A bit of a brat who enjoys things to go her way. Her cutie mark is a Yo-Yo. She's incredibly adept at using them whether it comes to pulling off tricks, or even using them as impromptu weaponry, her skill with the toys, is unmatched. She often has at least two in her saddlebags, if not sometimes more. She left home in search of Kuro, and also out of curiosity of what was beyond the cloud city she grew up in.


Gumption -2

Quickness -2

Excitement -5

Smartness -3

Caring -2

Friendship -1


Kijo Sorasousha

Mane: Cyan

Coat: White

Eyes: Sky Blue

Mane Style: Two large bangs, and a high pony-tail

Tail Style: tied near the base, and up, similar to her mane.


Oni's younger sister, and the youngest of the Sorasousha Siblings. She's quite calm for the most part and she is just a bit on the compulsive side. Her cutie mark is a feather duster, and she enjoys cleaning more than anything else. She's exceptionally good at rearranging things to fit in spaces that they ordinarily might not. She left home more out of curiosity, than a desire to find her older siblings who left before her, but she left even before Oni did.


Gumption -2

Quickness -2

Excitement -2

Smartness -3

Caring -4

Friendship -1


Descriptions and characters aside! what am I looking for?


Players who are interested in building a bit more story, and _fit_ the characters given.

Interesting art of them (or even Oni too!)


Realize that, in a sense, I will be treating the trio like Canon Characters, in the sense that, if I don't like how someone is playing, or if they are not able to be played enough, I will probably look for somepony else to play them. I may even play the characters _myself_ But I thought it might be a nice opportunity to let others who might want to play them with me, get the chance to do so as well!


This isn't exactly a contest or anything either, really. This is more a thing of doing it, for the sake of ENJOYING it. If you won't enjoy doing this, don't try to make yourself on my account. The only thing you'd have is my thanks, really. I hope that's enough to motivate somepony. ^^;