Pinkie Pie

Name: Pinkamina Dianne Pie 
Location: Sugarcube
Corner, Ponyville
Species: Earth Pony 
Pinkie Pie, ah, an incredibly ongoing ball of exuberant energy in an apparently ongoing cycle of pure insanity held in check only by the sugar rush that surges through her veins! ... wait, that's not really held in check, is it?
A bright pink pony with large, glistening sky blue eyes, her eternal look of excitement and curiosity is both adorable and at moments slightly creepy to behold. Her darker pink hair has an eternal spring to it, bouncing almost as much as the pony is herself, with her hardly contained energy!
Adorning her flanks is the cutie mark of three balloons - two blue balloons, and one yellow, reflecting her boisterous air, her uplifting personality, and her need to party like there's a lot of tomorrows!

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