1st anniversary!

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Thu, 2012-04-19 00:00 - 22:00

 "Fillies and Gentlecolts, as Mayor of Ponyville, it is my honor to announce that on the nineteen of this month, it will mark our 1st Ponyville anniversary party! We will be holding a party at the town hall. Please, bring everyone!"



OOC: Yes!  logo2.gif will be one year old on April the 19th! We don't have a lot planned beside just a little bit of a contest

 "It will be the greatest day, ever!"      Well... sorta.


For ponies who doesn't know what this site is about:

Fillydelphia.com is a My little Pony Friendship is Magic roleplay site. You can take a peek at what we are talking about! We also have a 16 slot minecraft server. For a list of features, click here.


Hit the jump for Contest detail!



As a way of celebrating our success over the past year we're holding a special contest to see who can design a new banner/Logo for our site, and we'd like to invite everyone and anyone to pitch in. The banner must be less then 200 px tall and 400px wide to be eligible, and we will be awarding cash prizes pot of $100 to the top three entries in a 70/20/10 split. All other entries will be gathered together to be put on display along with links to their respective art site of choice. We're trying to pull as much participation as possible, and if you can give us a hoof, we'd really appreciate it!


icon.70Technical specification: 

1. Unlimited entry per person.

2. Top vote is $70, 2nd is $20, 3rd price is $10. 

3. It will be the logo we use, the one on the top right corner. It will be judged on Style, Cooleness, Awesomeness, radicalness, and of course, fittingness. After all, this is a Pony Roleplay site!

4. Any font, any color combination is fine. 

5. Entry should be e-mail to admin@fillydelphia.com . You can send it as an attachment, but if you are willing to post it in your personal dA account, tumbler, blogs, forum (only if it is allowed, of course) and help spread the word out about this place, We will appreciate it, and we will link back to you!

6. Including links to your contest submission, and contact information so when you win, we can contact you!

7. You waive all right to your submission when you send it to us! 

8. You have three weeks, deadline will be before the 15th of May 2012.



1. Why cash prize?

A: Obtaining stuff is expensive, and mailing things around is difficult and costly where I am from. I rather save the money on shipping and let you buy whatever you want.


2. Why so little cash prize?

A: This is a small, non-profit site. Come on!


3. Size, File format, transparent really doesn't matter?

A: If it is cool enough, it should be fine. We will make do with size, format, or transparency, but if you can make it more flexible, of course it will be better and give you more chance to win.