Ponyville Chronicles: Ourselves #1

Ponies can see very long, wide and tall exhibit on the Town's Hall wall. It's mostly empty and blank. There are only few pictures and notes so far. On the bottom, there's silver sign with "From Varien Quill for Ponyville, with high regards."

Macabre Haze. Walker of the Night

Black coated pony, pretty always wearing dark clothes and top hat. Perfectly honest to other ponies, willing to help them, risking even his own life. Although interested in the Night, he isn't taking any evil from it. If there's Day, there must be Night. Two different entities, same important and true. Macabre have knowledge of anything Night related, anything mystery, involving puzzles. Even with such skills, he like to refer himself as simple, honest pony who love to hang out with friends and drink tomato juice. Even if his life goals are simple, those are noble and full of magic. Magic of friendship.


Orion Shadow. Professor from Trottingham


Professor of Equestrian history, happily married with children. One of the few professors who aren't just covered by books, thinking about the past. Also probably the only one professor of history who is expert in magic teleports. That pony know the danger but also feels the spark of the adventure, learning about the past not from the books written by other ponies. He learns from his own experiences, from other interesting, mystery places. Orion came here from Trottingham not to only have adventures though. After all, he's ready to share with other ponies with his knowledge, advice and good Trottingham tea. Another pony who knows the magic of friendship.


Chell. Ex-guard, athlete.


Orange pony who has special talent, involving creating portals on almost any surface. Object coming to one portal, leaves through another. Chell was using not only that ability, while being a Guard of Ponyville, right next to the Thunderball. She was part of the events, when Nightmare Moon came back once more, but she managed to get through it, just like other Guards.
For now she looks peace and friendship in Ponyville, still helping out other ponies who are out of shape, but this time using the gym which she recently built with her mate. It surely isn't surprising, that Chell is another pony who looks for friendship, to fulfill her life and destiny, living peaceful and quiet.