Ponyville Physical Enrichment Center

The Ponyville Physical Enrichment Center is now open!  Whatever your fitness needs and wants, we have you covered.  We have all kinds of equipment--more kinds of weight trainers, body toners, and treadmills than you can shake a turret pony at! There's an indoor track for those who prefer actual running over the treadmills.  Personal training is available as well, provided by Ponyville's very own TigerHeart.


A juice bar is open during the day as well.  Enjoy an amazing selection of different kinds of fruit juices and smoothies, to cool off, rehydrate, and replenish your electrolytes before, during, and after your workout.  Protein, carb, and herbal mix powders available on request.


Ponyville Physical Enrichment Center--now you're thinking with fitness!