Ponyville's Hygiene Clinic


Note: This is a fan made location. Not Cannon


Owner: Shimmermaw


Employees: Shimmermaw


Location: Near the School in the Library area.


Room: Twilight's Library Surroundings


Exterior Description: 

The Clinic is a gentle looking one story building with a peaked roof. It has no windows on the front side with the door. Over the door is a hanging wooden sign that reads Hygiene Clinic with a cute smiling sun on it. There are some large rectangular on some of the side walls that show either examination rooms or the waiting area. The front door is a nice wooden door with a small window that has an Open/Closed sign in it. 


Waiting Room:

The waiting room is calm and gentle with it's yellow walls and red and white checkered carpet, with a receptionist desk and an area with many chairs for waiting ponies to sit complete with a table with many new and current magazines for ponies of all ages. There are three doors that lead to different rooms. The receptionist desk is a nice maple desk with a check in book and pen. There's also a large loud grandfather clock that chimes every hour on the hour. Unless there's a commotion this room is normally very silent. 



*The bottom room connected to the waiting area is a restroom, the design on the blueprint is an error


Foal Examination Room:

A lager room with a tiled floor. It has two examination stations and several cabinets containing the supplies for the job. There is a nice friendly mural on the wall to put foals at ease. The smell of a clinic is strong in this room, just like the other examination rooms. there are small friendly decorations around the room the try to calm down nervous foals. There is extra space in this room for observers or waiting parents.



A normal hall with some stock paintings hanging on the wall. Has doors that connect to the Foal Examination Room, the File Room, the Break Room, and Examination Room A.


File Room:

A room lined with file cabinets filled with patient records and other important documents, it is not decorated as it is only there to serve it's simple purpose.


Break Room:

A room for employees to take a break in. It's simple and refreshing as it is designed to not smell like a clinic. There are tables and chairs and small appliances like a coffee maker and a tea set. 


Examination Rooms A & B:

Rooms on the opposite sides of the building, they both serve the same purpose and have a similar decor. They both have the same clinic smell and same grey and darker grey tiles on the ground, each room has it's slight differences but they serve the same purpose.


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