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Ponies of Ponyville

Fillydelphia Edition 1.0


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In here, you will see examples of Well known ponies, rules for Foals, and Other species.



A bookish, somewhat shy Unicorn Pony, Twilight Sparkle is a relatively new citizen to Ponyville, still learning about friendship. She has spent most of her life in Canterlot, learning under the tutelage of Princess Celestia so that she might further her skills in magic. She's still learning quite a bit about herself and trying to understand what it's like to have so many new friends.

Gumption: 2 -Twilight is fairly average physically, but not exceptional. Too much time reading books!

Quickness: 2 - She's not the fastest pony in Ponyville, either, but she can get around 

Excitement: 3- Despite her bookish and shy exterior; Twilight can get very eager and Motivated about life, especially when it involves new experiences like friendship, or reading books.

Smartness: 6 -Twilight is definitely one of the smartest ponies in Ponyville, from all those years spent reading books and studying.

Caring: 2- She is usually very concerned about her new friends, and tries to take the feelings of others into consideration. She can sometimes overlook what other ponies want to do for her own plans, however.

Friendship: 1-Twilight is still learning about friendship, and although she's been working hard, she still has a long way to go.

HP: 5 MP: 8 SP: 7

Cutie mark: Twilight Sparkle's mark is a purple star-like symbol, showing that her special talent is magic. She can use her horn to call upon a variety of magical abilities, including teleportation, levitation, and the growth of majestic, awe-inspiring mustaches. Her magic always uses her Smartness when rolling for checks. Association Smartness



Living on the Apple Family farm with her grandmother Granny Smith, her big brother Big Macintosh, and her little sister Apple Bloom, Applejack is a down-to-earth, straightforward Earth Pony, always ready to work hard and help others out. She's a strong, caring pony who sometimes gets in over her head.

Gumption: 5 -Applejack is very strong and capable, able to carry heavy loads and work all day from her years spent on the farm.

Quickness: 3 -Applejack, having spent years working, is fairly fast when galloping.

Excitement: 2 - Smooth and level-headed, she's not too likely to get worked up over every little thing.

Smartness: 2 -Applejack has no need for your fancy mathematics.

Caring: 3-She's always willing to lend a hand, even if it means that she gets in over her head, and can be a little too protective of her family.

Friendship: 2 -A good, solid friend, Applejack can always give that little extra boost to her friends.

HP: 7 MP: 5 SP: 7

Cutie Mark: Applejack's mark is a bunch of apples, showing how much of her life she's spent working with them and other plants. Whenever a check calls for her knowledge or skills involving apples, her relevant stat is heated as 1 higher. Association Gumption



One of the fastest Pegasus Ponies in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash is capable of doing almost anything in ten seconds flat. She's a little quick to rush in at times, but is a fast friend, and always eager to prove herself to others. Sometimes, she has a little trouble being 'girly', but who says that all girls need to be prim and proper like Rarity?

Gumption: 3 - Years of heading up the weather-control teams has given Rainbow Dash quite a bit of endurance. She's no Applejack, but she's certainly good to work all day, unless she's feeling lazy

Quickness: 6 -The "Dash" in her name isn't just for show: it's a comment on how fast she is. There's probably not a pony in Ponyville who can catch her when she gets moving, and she's capable of some deft aerial maneuvers.

Excitement: 3 -When it comes to a challenge, Rainbow Dash never backs down, but sometimes, she finds it hard for something to hold her interest.

Smartness: 2 - Preferring to charge in than to carefully consider the situation, Rainbow Dash prefers to leave the quick thinking to other ponies.

Caring: 2 -While she's a good pony, Rainbow Dash occasionally has a little trouble seeing past herself or finding energy to do her work before the last second.

Friendship: 2 -A good, loyal friend, Rainbow Dash likes to help others, but sometimes forgets to do so until a really dire situation presents itself.

HP: 6 MP: 4 SP: 8

Cutie Mark: Rainbow Dash's mark is a cloud .with a rainbow lightning bolt coming from it. It symbolizes her love of flying and speed. Once per scene, she's allowed a re-roll of any failed skill roll that involves racing, going fast, or flying. After all, she's Rainbow Dash, the fastest pony in Ponyville! Association: Quickness



A quiet and shy Pegasus Pony, Fluttershy takes care of the various animals who live around Ponyville. She often has a hard time speaking up and making herself known, but when it comes to animals, she's as eager as anypony else to help out.

Gumption: 2 - Fluttershy isn't especially strong, but she makes up for it with spirit.

Quickness: 3 - Being a Pegasus, Fluttershy can fly fairly well, but frequently gets too scared for her wings to work.

Excitement: 2 - Being so shy, Fluttershy has trouble making herself heard or speaking up in loud situations.

Smartness: 3 - Fluttershy knows a lot about animals and other critters, able to see what is wrong with them and understand them.

Caring: 5 - Fluttershy loves all little animals, caring for them enough to get over her fears and eagerly help them.

Friendship: 2 - A good friend, Fluttershy knows when she needs to help others out.

HP: 4 MP: 8 SP: 7

Cutie Mark: Fluttershy's Cutie Mark, a Butterfly, signifies her connection with animals and other critters. She can re-roll any failed test involving an animal once per scene, to show how she has great rapport with animals. In addition, she can usually use her Caring stat to roll these checks. Association: Caring



An absolutely glamorous and fashion-conscious Unicorn Pony, Rarity is a clothes-maker and fashion designer for all of Ponyville. With her prim, proper demeanor; she can come off as a bit snobby, but she is really quite generous when it comes to clothing and likes nothing more than seeing others looking fabulous.

Gumption: 2 - Rarity would never sully herself with mere manual labor; but can at least walk around and lift things.

Quickness: 2 - She's not particularly fast, but can get where she needs to go.

Excitement: 3- Rarity simply adores fabulosity, and can be quite eager to help other ponies out using her expertise in fashion. She's a bit less eager for other things, however

Smartness:4 - Rarity is quite the intelligent pony, able to design outfits that compliment the characteristics of other ponies quickly

Caring: 4- Rarity can be very generous when she needs to be: usually, those situations involve fashion and making other ponies look glamorous.

Friendship 2 - Despite her sometimes less-than-sterling attitude towards other ponies who fail to behave in a suitably elegant fashion, Rarity is a devoted friend who will stand up for them when the situation calls for it. Admittedly, this most often involves makeovers and fashion advice, but you help out with what you know

HP: 5 MP: 8 SP: 6

Cutie Mark: Rarity's mark is a trio of diamonds, symbolizing her affinity for fashion and fashion accessories. As a unicorn pony, she can use her horn's magic for all sorts of fashion and glamor related activities. She cannot magically make material, however; if she wishes to repair a piece of clothing, she'll need a suitable amount of cloth to do so. In practice, it works a bit like fashion alchemy; matter cannot be created or destroyed, merely made more or less fabulous. Association: Caring



Pinkie Pie is a bright pink Earth Pony, in charge of planning parties and working in the Cakes' sweet shop. She is an energetic pony, to say the least; the laws of reality often stand no chance against her relentless excitement and desire to see the good in everyone. An incorrigible prankster and party­planner; her excitement for doing things with her friends is only rivaled by her excitement over everything else in the world, including rocks, trees, clouds, trombones, and making new friends.

Gumption: 2 - Pinkie Pie is not especially strong or tough, being a rather average Earth Pony.

Quickness: 2 - She's not really that fast, either; she can get where she needs to go, but it's not like she's the fastest pony around.

Excitement: 6 - Saying that Pinkie Pie is eager is like saying the sun is warm: it’s a bit of an understatement, to say the least.

Smartness: 3 -While seemingly air-headed and goofy, Pinkie Pie is an expert planner, capable of thinking up complex pranks and schemes, as well as having obscure knowledge on many topics.

Caring: 3- As befitting the head party planner of Ponyville, Pinkie Pie cares a lot about her fellow ponies.

HP: 8 MP: 6 SP: 7

Friendship: 3- Easily the friendliest pony you'll meet among the main cast, Pinkie Pie can always lend a hand somehow, Even if that method seems bizarre, confusing, or just downright random.

Cutie Mark: Pinkie Pie's mark is several balloons, meant to symbolize her connection with the mystic art of partying. Much like Andrew WK., she's always ready for a party, and thus receives +1 on any roll related to party-based skills. In addition, Pinkie Pie has perfected the art of substituting Excitement for actual skill, knowledge, or the laws of reality. Once per scene, she may use her Excitement stat for a skill check, no matter the situation. This allows her to defy reality to a limited extent, and is thus suitable only for use in the most dire/non -party filled moments. Association: Excitement



Spike, the young dragon companion to Twilight Sparkle, is a relatively new resident of Ponyville, fascinated by the Pony culture. He's generally rather sarcastic and feigns disinterest in the more 'girly' aspects of the town, but can be just as excited to participate when he's invited. He's also got a bit of a crush on Rarity, and will try any variety of foolish things to impress hen

Gumption: 2 - Spike's still fairly young for a dragon, and so he's not up to their great feats of strength quite yet.

Quickness: 2 - Once again, Spike's still growing, so he's not the fastest animal there in Ponyville.

Excitement 3 - Although he likes to sleep in and pretends to be disinterested most of the time, Spike can be very enthusiastic when he finds the right topic, like teasing Twilight.

Smartness: 3 -While he can occasi....occasion....occa.....sometimes have trouble spelling. Spike is quick-witted when it comes to conversation, finding books, and imagining things.

Caring: 2 - Spike is fairly apathetic, but has a few areas where he'll stand up for something or somepony.

Friendship: 1- While he's made friends, Spike is still learning how to help others out.

HP: 5 MP 5

Dragon Fire: Spike's fire acts like a messenger service, making scrolls and other papers disappear; only to appear in Princess Celestia's hooves. This happens instantaneously, and he sometimes loses control of it, sending great numbers of scrolls by accident when he's sneezing. He can also receive messages from hen Treat this as a plot device; whenever the players need a hint or a message, Spike feels a bit of a sneeze coming on.



Applejack's older brother and a pony of few words, Big MacIntosh helps to run Apple Farms, harvesting their crop and generally calming down his somewhat more hot-headed sister. Eeyup.

Gumption: 7 - They call him "Big" MacIntosh for a reason. Eeyup.

Quickness: 3 - He might be big, but he's also pretty quick when it comes to harvesting. Eeyup.

Excitement: 2 - He's pretty level-headed. Eeyup.

Smartness: 2 - Unlike Applejack, he's got a reckonin' of that fancy mathematics. Eeyup.

Caring: 2 - He cares about his sisters and family, but shows it in a rather slow fashion. Eeyup.

Friendship: 1-While he can help out, he's normally too busy on the farm to head into town and socialize. Eeyup.

HP: 9 MP:4 SP: 8

Cutie Mark: Big MacIntosh's mark is a green apple half. This shows how he's an expert in apples and apple accessories, gaining a +1 bonus to any roll involving apples. Eeyup. Association: Gumption



A blue Unicorn Pony of unimaginably great magical powers, the Great and Powerful Trixie travels around the backwater villages and towns of Equestria to show them what a real Unicorn does with her powerful magic. Forever clad in a robe and wizard hat (to demonstrate to those weak-minded ponies who can't plainly see that she's the most powerful around!), she demonstrates her amazing magical powers in every town by besting the magic and abilities of the foals and neigh sayers who doubt her power. After all, she defeated an Ursa Major! Also, don't believe that stories about her being defeated by some ridiculous purple unicorn: those are lies created by a jealous public!

Gumption: 2 - Hmph! As if the Great and Powerful Trixie would stoop so low as to lift things!

Quickness: 2 - She's quick, but not quite fast enough to skip town before the smoke clears. 

Excitement: 2 - No one is more eager to hear the Great and Powerful Trixie explain how great she is, and she's always excited to tell tales of her skills and victories!

Smartness: 3 - Despite all her boasting, she's a rather intelligent unicorn. She just doesn't do quite enough research sometimes ...

Caring: 5 - This is definitely where she excels, she cares a LOT about being the Greatest and the most Powerful, whether it's using magic tricks or tricking an adoring public into believing her stories.

Friendship: 1 - She's quite good at insulting other ponies and putting down their skills, not going to have a lot of friends because of that.  

HP: 4 MP: 8 SP: 6

Cutie Mark: Trixie's mark is a crescent moon with a wand, symbolizing her skill with magic. She uses her Trickiness whenever she casts magic, and is very fond of rope tricks. She also tends to make cruel jokes and puns whenever she uses her magic, so that the peasants know they are dealing with the Great and Powerful Trixie. Association: Caring


Other Species:

Not all the creatures of Equestria are ponies. There we a wide variety of creatures that a player can be, so long as they would make sense as a denizen of Ponyville (or wherever you decide to set your game). For example, asking to play a full-sized dragon would make no sense, as they are far too big and scary to let anypony else to do anything.

If a player wants to use another species as their character; here are a few examples that they might find useful:


Young Dragons have a long way to go before they grow up. Usually, this involves exploring, sampling various foods, and trying to find a lot of gold. Dragons start out with the same number of points as a pony but rather than a cutie mark they get a Flame Ability. This is a single thing the young dragon can do with its fiery breath, such as send messages, help plants to grow, or other minor tasks. It works just like a unicorn pony's magic.


Griffins are excellent fliers and rivals to pegasus ponies, often forming close friendships. Unfortunately they are overconfident and hard to get along with most of the time, so it takes a while for them to build up friendship. A griffin is exactly like a pegasus pony, but they start with 11 statistic points, rather than 8. Unfortunately, their Friendship stat starts at 0, and it costs 2 experience points to increase it to 1. That means they don't have friendship usage. They do not get a cutie mark.


Zebras are often seen as scary outsiders by pony communities, but this sort of thing is usually just a misunderstanding. They are usually quite smart, but have an odd way of speaking that confuses other ponies. They are the same as Earth Ponies, but they receive two special skills rather than one. The player must also roleplay a verbal tic, such as always speaking in rhyme, beatboxing, or using excessive alliteration.


Playing a Foal:

Sometimes, you want your players to play young foals who have yet to earn their Cutie Marks. This is a perfectly fine way to start off a game, as it lets your players develop their characters a bit more before jumping into the game. If you wish to start off as a foal, it is suggested that you either speak with the PM and the other players, as they lack the development of the more grown-up ponies.

Statistically speaking, starting off as a foal means two things: You do not start the game with a Cutie Mark, and you do character building with only 6 points, rather than 8. Depending on the type of pony you are playing, there are also some other skills you are yet to develop:


Earth Pony Foals are still learning how to use their skills. You may start out with the skill bonus from whatever your pony's skill is, but if that bonus is the only thing preventing you from failing a roll, then you do not get it, to symbolize their lower levels of experience with that skill. For example, Short Order is an Earth Pony foal who specializes in cooking. Trying to carry a plate of hot food to a table for her family's restaurant, she is jostled and needs to see if she can hold the plate. If she rolls equal to the difficulty, then she accidentally drops the plate. Thankfully, it is adorable to watch.

Pegasus Foals aren't quite as good at flying yet. When performing flying checks, their Quickness is considered to be one lower than it actually is. This is invariably hilarious to watch.


Unicorn Foals are not quite as good at magic just yet. While they can perform basic tasks, they don't really have a specialty yet, and so they can only perform general tasks with their horn magic. They can attempt more strenuous feats of magic related to a specific task, but should they fail the roll, it backfires, achieving the opposite result. This usually results in the traditional "blackening, harmless explosion" type of failure, which is, suffice to say, hilarious.


Foals eventually need to earn their Cutie Marks. This is normally done through a short quest., where the foal attempts to determine what their specialization in life is. A foal may attempt this quest as soon as they have earned 2 additional statistic points, bringing them to the level of a normally- created pony. At the moment, the rules for earning Cutie Marks are yet to be written, as the show will be providing a concrete example soon.

Players can also play younglings from the other species presented above. They start with 2 stat points less, and their special talents are treated the same as if they were of the corresponding pony type. Griffin and Young Dragon children are called "hatchlings".

This is it for now!


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