Repairing a Broken Heart Part 1 (A fic I've been semi-forced to do)


Repairing a Broken Heart

“I have no idea why I’m doing this”~ Theodosius

OC by Gizmotechnic

Motivation by Twilight_Sparkle telling me I had to do this because of the roll I made.

            Our story begins with a young, fair, brown-coated unicorn by the name of Gizmotechnic. Gizmo has had a relatively uneventful life. His father was a poet, and his mother was a cook. They both wished for their son to aspire in the art of poetry, following in his father's footsteps. In all actuality, he did not mind the idea of this, but fate gave him a different calling. One eventful day, Gizmo had accidentally broken his father's pocket watch at a relatively young age. Something inside of him motivated him to fix it. Using his magic, he repaired the damage, although it made the pocket watch very much makeshift. This very act made him realize his true calling, and at that very moment, his cutie mark had appeared. A few years after, when he was old enough, he chose to open his own business. His parents made themselves comfortable with the idea of this, his father giving him his pocket watch, and his mother giving him a warm trench coat. His shop is relatively empty, as it's more of a workbench-type place; he tends to make things whenever he can.

            Today is a nice, clear, autumn day in Ponyville. Birds are heard singing a gentle melody, few leaves still falling from trees and a soft, cool breeze is blowing, causing some of the leaves to dance a bit in the air. Gizmo sighs from both relaxation of the beautiful early morning, and from slight depression, being that he’s been thinking about his ex-somepony. He quickly shakes the thought off of his mind, deciding he doesn’t want to let something like that ponder this beautiful morning. He reaches out to flip the sign, indicating his workshop to be “Open”. As he does this, he hears a very loud crash near him, causing him to flinch and drop the sign. His ears erect as he hears the voice of a boisterous mare exclaiming “Tank!” from the opposite direction.  Suddenly, as he steps outside to observe what was going on, a blue streak whizzes past him, causing him to lose his balance. After he shakes his head, he hears the voice again, more clearly now, as if she were closer.

            “Uh, you alright guy? Sorry about speedin’ past you like that.”

            Gizmo regains focus in his vision and looks at the mare standing in front of him. He doesn’t speak a word, taking a moment to observe the mare with the bright magenta eyes, bright blue coat, brightly colored mane, and overall bright personality. He knows he probably seems very strange with the way he’s simply staring at her, but the longer he stares, the better he feels. He’s feeling better in a way he doesn’t quite understand for some reason. It’s as if the young stallion is completely stricken with beauty.

            The mare looks around a bit, feeling a little awkward at the silence and staring. She inquisitively speaks, “Uh… you alright?”. She tilts her head to the side slightly, raising one eyebrow. Gizmo comes to his senses and opens his mouth and begins to speak, but he is interrupted by another loud crash. The mare groans, “Look, I got something I need to take care of, I’ll see you around I guess.” She begins to trot off to her tortoise, but before leaving she turns to him and says, “I’ll uh… see you around… I guess…”


            “My name’s Rainbow Dash, by the way.” She smiles and turns back around trotting on to attend to her business. Gizmo replies after she leaves with a simple “Hi… Rainbow Dash.”

That’s all I’m doing for now.
I may continue this another time.