The results are in!

Around town several fliers of unknown origin can be found, announcing the results of the "Ponyville's Most _______" contest. The results can be seen below.


The results are in, folks! We asked YOU who you think deserves to win each category, and you told us! It was a close race in many aspects, but here are the results!

Miss Applejack seemed to be particularly popular this year. Somepony nominated her for every one of the categories!


Most Popular: Kelpy Blue
Most Eligible Mare: Nightmare Moon
Most Eligible Stallion: Applejack
Most Beautiful: Rarity
Most Curious: Sugarfluff
Most Clumsy: Derpy Hooves
Most Insane: Octavia
Most Adorable: Kelpy Blue
Dirtiest: Scraggly
Cleanest: TIE Rarity and Iona
Most Focused: Thunderball
Silliest: Derpy Hooves
Most Musical: TIE SmokyBlues and Tek Croon
Most Hopeless (Pathetic): Inque
Most Hopeless Romantic: Scarlet
Most Shy: Fluttershy
Largest: The Horned Hydra
Smallest: Spot
Angriest: Sandy Rivers
Most Likely to Succeed: MojitoJoe
Most Likely to fail: Inque
Most Likely to Break into Song: Kelpy Blue
Most Eccentric: TIE WickedWishes and Derpy Hooves
Most Likely to Fight: Crescendo Kite
Most Likely to Flee: Fluttershy
Most Generous: Rarity
Most Honest: Applejack
Happiest: Kyubi Hart
Kindest: Fluttershy
Fastest: Rainbow Dash
Clever: Twilight Sparkle
Booksmart: Twilight Sparkle
Streetwise: TIE Applejack and Zack
Most Likely to fall down a mineshaft: Lotta
Most Wanted: Octavia
Most Awesome: TIE Applejack and Rainbow Dash
Most Awkward Message Pony: Derpy Hooves
Most Boring: Marl
Most Sassy: Apple Bumpkin
Most Not Sassy: Applejack


Congratulations to our winners!