Rhythm's Musical Apple Harvesting Adventure

Event Data: 
Thu, 2011-09-08 17:00 - 23:00

Overnight, a series of hoof-written posters have been posted at random locations. An assortment of tacks, staples, and tape affixes the crooked signs to their anchors. Most are poorly written, wrought with spelling errors. Some are adorned with crudely drawn artwork in crayon and colored pencils. This particular sign seems to have a bunch of trees and musical notes above them. One of the trees' leaves is blue; the artist either ran out of the correct color, or his imagination got the best of his impulses.

To all ponies who love music, or apples, or both. Do you enjoy playing music? How about being outdoors? What about helping friends? You can do all three in one day! Just show up to the north east section of the orchard at Sweet Apple Acres on Thursday. Even if you are not a musician, you can help, I will tell you what to do! No money involved but it will be super duper fun! PS, don't tell Applejack, it's a surprise! Oh, and if you gots any of your own instruments, you can definitely bring them!


Thursday, September 8     9:00 PM - 12:00 AM (at the latest), Eastern Standard Time

This is a small, in character event open to any player, even to non musically inclined characters.  Rhythm has been planning to "help" Applejack harvest her apples through the sheer power of acoustics. He needs other ponies to play other loud instruments through a haphazard set of amplifiers he's set up, on loan from various other ponies. He's hoping that the sheer amount of vibration caused by that much sound will be enough to knock the apples right from the trees.

I apologize for not having more heads up time...AJ and I aren't always online at the same time, or at least, not always in a conscious and ready to play state, and I figured on wrapping this up since I've made so many in character references to it.  Ponies are obviously welcome to maintain the setting and pace of freeform action after the formal conclusion. I plan on acting as the GM or narrator of sorts to set the scene and establish the player goals. As always, dice are OPTIONAL but, if used, the difficulty rating of the action is dependent upon how many players show up - while there is a high chance of success, there is no guarantee that Rhythm's plot will succeed, and you don't want to let Rhythm down, do you? Because if you did, he would be CERTAIN to talk to you at great length about it.

Given the short notice, I will run things regardless of how many players show up. Joining late is fine, we will assume you've been there the whole time or are just walking in late. Rhythm will attempt the action by himself if no one theoretically shows up. This is meant to be relaxed and fun. Hope to see some ponies there, and make sure you're ready to rock out!