Rich's Barnyard Bargains




Owner: Filthy_Rich
Residents/Employees: Rich, BG ponies that are unnamed until a PC is hired
Location: A few blocks north of the Library
Room: Twilight's Library and Surrounding Area

Exterior Description:
There are two buildings to this establishment. The first is a barn-like building, colored tan and with white-painted supports, and surrounded by a fence. The front yard contains carts and wagons for sale to farmers, as well as feeding troughs. More or less, anything that wouldn't easily fit inside is on display there. The door is a barn door, which Rich himself opens every morning and leaves open the entire duration of the workday. Above it is a wooden sign displaying "Rich's Barnyard Bargains!" in white lettering, also displaying his bust and cutie mark under the arching words. The second building is a non-descript warehouse, set out of the way of the general populace. If a pony didn't know it was there, they'd probably never notice it. The warehouses's entrance is guarded by a gruff (and large!) Pegasus named Stone Wall. His presence is more for visitors and tourists of Ponyville, as Rich trusts the residents not to try and steal or vandalize his goods.

First Floor, Main Building:
The first floor is mainly for consumers, and contains many ice-boxes lining the walls filled with fresh vegetables and fruits. There are 10 shelves, each showing off different categories of goods, including food, drinks, and potted plants. One shelf is dedicated, in theory, to the Zap Apple Jam that made him famous, but in practice it's used for miscellaneous goods since the jam sells out so fast! There are three cashiers: Two on either side of the front door, and one next to a side door, to help prevent shop-lifting and to bring more convenience to his customers.

Second Floor, Main Building:
This floor contains Rich's Office, and is geared towards producers. It contains farm tools, seeds, repair kits for farm equipment, and a clerk to assist clients with advice and contracts for orders, both of the store and from the farmers, that Rich doesn't have the time to handle himself. It should be noted, however, that Rich always has time for the Apple family. Always.

This is where Rich makes his REAL money. At it's heart, the store is just a pocket-change endeavor: Filthy Rich is a distributor of produce and farming goods in general, and his business is shipping these things all over Equestria. Zap Apple Jam may have started him down a path, but his company is what made him the stallion he is today. The warehouse itself is very busy, with there always being goods moved in or out of the establishment, on their way to other cities. Nopony except workers are allowed into the warehouse, unless given explicit permission by Rich, just as much for their own safety as the the protection of the schedule.