Sali's Journal

Hallo Journal!

It’s me, Sali!  I finally found a good place to land today after flying over that nasty forest!  I wasn’t going to bounce through there, no siree!  It was all dark and ugly and it was bad enough flying over it, but having to go through it?  Never!  Not in a million years!


But!  But but but!  Once I got past it, there was a village!  The village I’m in!  A little town called Ponyville!  

It’s a great place!  There’s plenty of room for me to bounce around and I met a bunch of really neat ponies to talk to today!  There was an artsy one and some pegasi like myself!  Oh and then there’s Pinkie Pie! ~<3  She’s so cool!  She lives in a house that looks like it’s made out of candy!  I wish it WAS made out of candy but it’s not, unfortunately.  Still, they make candy INSIDE which is almost as good!


I went over there after I got out of the hospital!  And bam!  She was there and she was telling this big long story and everything and there was soda and cupcakes and it was amazing!


Course, it would have been better if I hadn’t been concussed again! That’s why I was in the hospital!  Apparently that’s where they take you if you concuss your noggin!  I didn’t know that!  I’ve been concussed plenty of times and I’ve never gone to a hospital, but this one Pegasus insisted!  Imagine that!  Of course, if the hospital wouldn’t have been so tall, I wouldn’t have gotten concussed again in the first place!


Still, I did get a neat coat out of it, though!  


Today was a good day!  I can’t wait until tomorrow~!