The Shadow Home

This is where Orion, Raven, Melody, and their various housemates all live. (See Orion's profile for who exactly lives there.) The house is an exact replica of the Brownmane family home in Trottingham.

Physical Appearance (Exterior):

The exterior of the house is made of mahogany, and contains many windows with dark blue panes. These windows are wide enough for local pegasi to fly through them easily. The front door is also dark blue, and resembles the door of Twilight's library, but taller, so as to better accomadate taller ponies. There is also a large porch, with a few steps leading up to it. A porch swing is on the right-hoof side, and a low brick wall surrounds the perimeter, with a gap for the stairs. The mailbox is located not too far away from the structure itself, about two or three feet away. There are three floors, if one counts the attic. The house is guarded by Roranicus and Idris, two enchanted stone gargoyles who can talk and move around. They usually prowl around the porch.

Physical Appearance (Interior):

Opening the front door, one would see a large, comfortable living room. The room has hardwood floors, and many chairs and couches. There are tables with lamps on them, a coffee table, and some rugs. One whole wall contains a very large picture window, which offers a sweeping view of the rest of the RA. On the left-hoof side is a doorway leading to the kitchen, which has a large, round wooden table, counters, a stove, an icebox, and some cabinets. Lots of cabinets, actually.  In the center of the main room is a doorway leading to a large staircase, and the second floor. The second floor has nine rooms. One is the master bedroom, the other is the upstairs bathroom, and another is Melody's room. The remaining six are all guest rooms, each of them lettered A through F.