Shinulas Pharmacy


Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

Owner: Shinula

Residents and/or Employees: Shinula, Shine, Marl, Schutze, Octavia, Mahir

Location: In the Residential District

Room: Residential Area


Closed Down:
The pharmacy had closed down, no longer displaying it's sign out front, and the waitin room now bare of any furniture. The building still stands, but not longer offers it's services and now merely acts as a home.

Exterior Description:

The Pharmacy is an unremarkable white building with flat roof. The front of the building has a large glass window, clearly showing the waiting room inside. The glass panel front door, has a tiny red sign next to it, stating "Shinula's Clinical Pharmacy", and an even smaller sign on the other side of the door, reading Open and sometimes Closed, depending on which way it is facing.
Around the side of the building is ladder leading up onto the roof.

I am not an architect...

Waiting Room Description:

The waiting room is bland and simple, with white walls and a white carpet floor. The large window looks out onto the street, passing ponies easily visible. A few chairs are placed along the windowed wall of the room for clients, and a coffee table sits amongst the row, holding a small stack of dull looking magazines and newspapers, several of them looking outdated. A reception desk sits near one wall with various things placed upon it, and behind it, a swivel chair, and an annoyingly loud clock on the wall.

Kitchen Description:

The kitchen is, like most of the building, practical rather than decorative. It holds the usual kitchen appliances and devices, accompanied by cupboards and and counters. Everything seems to be shockingly clean, to the point where dust seems to refuse to form. Only just fitting into the room is a small table and two chairs, presumably used as a dining table.

Lab Description:

The lab seems to constantly shift, changing as new experiments and projects are undertaken. Most of the time though, it manages to keep some sort of familiar general structure. It has a stained wooden floor, and dark walls, also stained with chemicals and burn marks. Only two very small windows exist, usually open to allow smoke and fumes to drift out. The room is lit by a strange device on the wall, using chemiluminescence as it's means.
Near the south side of the room are two large desks, one with neatly stacked papers and a few carefully marked vials in their racks, the other with various strange devices and a sprawled layer of paper beneath them, all covered in outlandish scrawlings of text and diagrams.
In the center of the room, is a large work bench, supporting a large mess of glass apparatuses, ranging in size and shape greatly, suggesting a glass blower had hiccups. On the other side of the room, away from the desks, are several vats, either empty or filled with mystery substances, and some appliances, with ambiguous purposes. Also in the room are some cupboards, presumably holding chemicals amongst other things.


Storage Description:
The storage room is filled to the brim with all sorts of containers, all different shapes, sizes and materials. In the middle of the room, amongst all the crates and barrels, is a table of sorts, and a bench. This might have once been an operating room of sorts.
The containers are filled with a wide variety of items, from stored chemicals, to medical equipment, and some hold bizarre machinery.


Time announced to roleplay: 2011-06-01