Shinula's Pharmacy

You like? Shinula made from recycled news-paper. Do not ingest though, ink is toxic. CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE.

Ah. Hello. You are probably wondering, 'Who is crazy striped pony, putting posters everywhere?' Well, will tell you. Am Dr Shinula. Pronounced, Shy-noo-la. Also am zebra, not pony, is difference. Also not crazy. Not imporant.

What is important, is Shinula's Pharmacy. Opened while back, but few in-town customers. All these potions and no where to go. So, think to self, advertise. But how? Posters! So, recy- nevermind, side tracked again. Talk about Pharmacy. Yes.

Anyway, am selling all sorts of medicines, can cure most known disease. Also selling other concotions. What does other concotion do? Whatever client wants. Client wants drink to keep body warm, or wants to be energetic? Can make that. Client wants to have longer mane or shinier coat? Can make something to do that too.

Medicines are usually free. Get funding from Canterlot. Other concotions, not so much. Not covered by government, also usually harder to get ingredients for. Also supply medicines to hospital. If hospital is closer, can go there. Only basics though.

So, come down to Residential District. Pharmacy is white building with sign out front, can't miss it. Also, if anypony sees strange monster pony with funny way of talking, tell Shinula. Don't approach though, is dangerous.

(OOC: Made the poster a while back but forgot to post it. Sorry if the bizzare syntax makes this unreadable. Click image for larger version!)