Soon to be Spotlighted.

As some might know, my computer exploded for a bit. Well. it overheated anyways, and had to be sent in for repairs. So I hadn't been around. When I finally got to checking my email, being so busy catching up with all of the browsing I wanted to do that I couldn't... I got the most wonderful news. We're going to be spotlighted on Equestria Daily! This is how I felt.



Anyways! Now that you're here, welcome back. If you're new, Welcome! I want to make this a great place for anyone to come and hang out, as well as roleplay, so don't be daunted away if you don't roleplay, please do come check our chat out! Aside that, we've got some forums, and while they're still not heavily being used yet, there's lots of room for expansion. Most importantly though, I want to know what you think. Yes you. You, reading this, right now. If you've got ideas of something you'd like to see on this site, think should be here, or generally have something you'd like to say, please feel free to contact! I'm always looking for ways to make the site cooler!