Spoiler alert: Merging continuity at server time 23:59:59 Today!

At server time 23:59:59 today, September 17th, the same day Season 2 episode 1 aired, the roleplay in the chat will be merging story continuity with the show! So, if you don't want spoilers, you might want to delay your visit as characters (Mostly the canons one) and some non-canon character will behaves as if they have been through what happened in Season 2 episode 1! No spoiler without warning before that time, please.


Warning: Spoilers after the break!

Spoiler! Highlight to read!

In the chat you might see Discordent version of the character counter part. They might or might not be noticeable. Generally the explaination is that Discord have spent the time to go and corrupts more ponies. It is up to you if you wish to play the corrupted version bit it is advised to at least inform one of the mane six or princess so we can keep a count. There might or might not be random diaster or chaos around. Those will be announced perior. As things are fresh still, it is up in the air. These will not last more then a week. Most likely.


If you have other ideas to make this more fun, please whispers one of the mane six or the princesses! This is mostly for the Chat and and less about the Forum. For the forum, I would say it is up to the topic starter or whoever is handling the thread at that time.

See this thread for detail

If you have not watch it, you can watch it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn0j1PVk30k&hd=1