The State of Don

"In the Beginning of time, five beings stepped forth to create a shinning world.  Terra, Fiona, Kilrik, Galen and Sol worked together to bring the world they dreamed of into reality, and used their powers to form Don.  Terra, the Healer of Rock, gathered the minerals from space in a composite and create the Earth.  Fiona, Priestess of Life, melted the core and gave the new planet internal warmth.  Kilrik, Warrior of Water, filled the world with oceans, seas and lakes, giving it a beautiful Azure sky from the reflection.  Galen, Guardian of Wind, gave air to the planet and formed clouds to block the sun's excessive heat.  Finally, Sol, The Predecessor of Truth, gave individuality and mental control to the inhabitants of this world.

However, after creating the world they so proudly deemed their creation, they lacked the power to return to their home.  Stranded, they decided to entrust their power to the citizens of the new world, and became five powerful gems.  Fiona, with her burning passion, turned into a ruby that fell deep into the earth's molted core.  Terra, her unwavering determination, turned into an emerald, slamming and imbedding itself into a mountain that pierced the heavens.  Kilrik, With his ever changing style, changed into a sapphire, fusing into the first Dragon Turtle.  Galen, his forceful courage, turned into a diamond, falling into a giant cloud.  However, Sol was the only being who refused to let any creature obtain her power.  In a last attempt to judge the beings, it shined it's very soul, and shattered into countless pieces across the land.  When the four gems are reunited, Sol would reveal itself, and grant the being's deepest desire."

-Tome of beginnings, The council of Don

Don is a four continent state that governs the basic four elements; Wind, Water, Earth and Fire.  The inhabitants are an assortment of creatures that live in harmony at times.  Galen, is a Continent that resides in the sky above the largest cloud of the State.  Kilrik, is the Continent that resides on the back of a giant Dragon Turtle, a living creature that continuously swims.  Fiona, the Continent that resides within the desert region, is the only continent connected with another, and is dotted with volcanoes.  Finally Terra is a Continent that resides on planes and mountains.  


Galen is the Continent located in the sky and governs the element of wind.  It is known for it's sweet scented flowers, the "Grono Flower" which grows on clouds, it's Monks known as the Harikēn monks, and the capital Mussitantes Harikēn, which holds the temple of Wind.  The Grono Flower is an incredible sweet scented flower, which has a very fluid and smooth nectar.  The Hariken monks travel across the world, gathering knowledge and passing it down to generations, as well as trying to perfectly blanche their mind, bodies and spirits to find inner strength.  Mussitantes Harikēn, the capital, is guarded by a giant, clear wall of pressurized air.

The Temple of Wind, guarded and watched over by the emperor and empress of Galen, is to tribute it's incredible control over the wind.  To even enter the temple is a state of great honor and danger, for it is not only guarded by Galen's fiercest monsters, but it's elite solders and dangerous traps.  If one would to reach the end of this dangerous temple, they would be greeted with the freshest, cleanest and purist source of air possible.  This air is made possible through the Soft Diamond, a gem that is a perfect sphere and continuously releases air.  This gem not only gives air to Don, but it governs the wind and clouds using it's own harmonic powers with the other gems.

Kilrik is the continent located on the back of a giant Dragon Turtle, a monster with the strength of a dragon, and the defensive shell of a turtle.  The land is a beautiful oasis with incredible advancement in technology, allowing them to swim or even fly with minimal equipment and effort.  Kilrik is known for it's advancement in technology, beautiful oceans and Magiliw Tsounámi, the capital.  The Technology proves a great advancement for the Unicorns of Kilrik, allowing them to mix magic and science to perform unbelievable feats, such as an Earth Pony teleporting to Galen without falling through the clouds.  The oceans on Kilrik are the most stunning views in all of Don, possibly the world, and the view of Terra's grasslands prove an even greater sight to see.  Magiliw Tsounami is the Capital of Kilrik, and proves to be a very difficult place to ether escape, or enter by force, as well as hold the Wet Sapphire.

The Temple of Water, similar to the temple of Wind in Galen.  But the differences make it that much more difficult to obtain the legendary gem.  Not only is it filled with elite sea ponies trained to push intruders away, but it is also under water.  The Temple is known for it's well made traps, however.  It is the only temple with all none-lethal traps, which shoot the intruder out into the open ocean, though the waters are filled with hungry monsters...The Temple of Water holds the Wet Sapphire, a sparkling blue gem that supplies Don with a continuous amount of fresh water.  Just like the Soft Diamond, the Wet Sapphire governs it's element, assuring the waters of Don remain safe and clean.

Terra is the continent located next to Fiona, the largest body of land in Don.  The land on Terra is filled with Planes as far as the eye can see, fertile lands and large mountains that block it off from the other continents at times.  It's farms are the largest in Don, and provide a lot of food for the hungry residents of the State.  Terra is known for it's rich mineral mines, delicious foods, and it's capital Klein Gaia.  Terra's mountains hold countless gems and rare metals, making it the most richest area in all of Don when it comes to physical possession.  Terra's residence have the freshest foods of all of Don, and are highly skilled at cooking, thus their meals are beyond excellent.  The Capital of Terra holds the Temple of Earth, which houses the Dirty Emerald.

The Temple of Earth is known to be the hardest Temple to enter, cause only the Emperor and Empress are able to move the unbreakable metal that encases the Dirty Emerald, a emerald forever covered in dirt and formalizes the land.  Though the Temple has no monsters or guards, any pony attempting to obtain the Dirty Emerald is doomed to fail due to the metal around the Emerald being unmoved or bent for a very long time.  The Dirty Emerald, like it's counterparts, governs it's element strongly.  It assures the mountain and earth are kept rich with minerals and nutrients as well as keep the land stable.

Fiona is the continent located next to Terra, and is known as the Never ending Desert.  The land of Fiona is dotted with active Volcanoes and scorching desert sun, but the residents are incredibly resistant to the heat.  It houses some of the fiercest monsters in all of Don, and has the harshest conditions.  However, Fiona's residents are the strongest and most feared ponies in the land, and are never taken lightly.  Fiona is known for it's feared monsters, honor bound knights, and it's capital Fuarú Inferno. Fiona's climate conditions truly put the creatures who live there to the test, and thus through natural selection, spawns monsters that trump any other.  With such strong monster and near burning temperatures, Fiona's residents must hold much courage and strength to survive.  Fuarú inferno is the capital of Fiona, and houses the Burning Ruby.

The Temple of Fire, is the most feared Temple in Don.  Not only cause it's mostly filled with lava, the Ruby radiates uncontrollable heat that most can't touch.  It indeed is the least guarded of the four gems, but it is arguably the hardest to reach.  Not much else is known about the Burning Ruby, save for it is in the shape of a ball of fire.  It provides heat for the entire continent, and governs fire among all of Don.


The War With Necro

Save for Don's many faults and monsters, it is known as a very happy and peaceful place.  The four continents lived together happily, trading and mixing together like most areas on the planet did.  All was right, and the council of Don, empress and empress' of all continents gathered once a month to speak of news, and crime was near none existents.  No pony was left wanting, let alone needing.  Don was similar to Equestrian in a lot of ways for the longest time.

However, all that changed when the gems started vanishing.  At first, the Soft Diamond was stolen from it's temple, which caused tornadoes and a foul smell to plague all of Don.  This was the start of a wide spread panic, and forces started to move to get most of the citizens to safety.  Unicorns and Pegasi worked together as fast as they could as Galen slowly vanished.  With out the Soft Diamond to keep it safe and under control, Galen added into nothingness and was replaced with storm clouds.  Though many escaped, one Pegasus failed to get off of Galen in time, but is said to of survived.

After Galen had vanished, around six months later, Kilrik experienced the same tragedy.  With the Wet Sapphire gone, the Dragon Turtle went berserk, creating destructive waves and whirl pools, the water slowly turning as black as the abyss.  The unicorns panicked, and escaped to Terra, thankfully saving most of their technology and all became safe.  With the Wet Sapphire gone, however, the waters of Don no longer were safe to drink from the source, and needed to be purified through the Kilrik's Technology.  However, the Dragon Turtle became a very feared monster, though it is said a unicorn had escaped from it's wrath.

Slowly, Don started to wither and fall into a depression and become choked with fear.  With two continents gone, this only meant that only two continents remained to be destroyed, and all of Don would vanish from existence.  Indeed a grave time, and a long year and a half wait, until it happened again.  The impossible had happened, the Burning Ruby, source of all heat in Don, had vanished, and now the mountains of Terra started to become wild, and active volcanoes, temperatures grew and fell rapidly, and chaos ensued.  Ponies did escape before the chaos reached it's peak, but a single mare never was seen from for the longest time.

With all hope lost, all the ponies rested in Terra, the only continent left in semi peace.  But so cramped and with so few resources, the ponies proved to begin going mad and greedy.  Slowly, over the course of around two years, the ponies of Don, now stuck in Terra, grew more aggressive, near feral.  With no hope of the other homes returning, and now relying on Terra, the council debated on rather or not they should call Terra, Don now.  However, they had little time to discuss.

Somehow, the rulers all turned to stone, and a monstrous pony emerged from within the chambers, announcing his new name, Necro.  Revealing it was he, who held the four elemental gems, he demanded all of Don bow to him and proclaim him the true ruler.  Many fought against him, but suffered similar fates to the rulers.  After a long fought battle, it seemed Necro would have his way.  However, four ponies refused, and showed the power of Sol.

Each one named themselves after the creator of their home and battled against Necro.  Galen, the Pegasus who fights with the wind, lead the group and knocked the Soft Diamond out of the monster's grasp.  Kilrik, the Unicorn who had mastered the way of sound, knocked Necro down to his limit, taking back the Wet Sapphire.  Though it seemed victory was certain, the ruler showed he had truly touched the power of Sol, and grew to the size of an Ursa Major.  This didn't waver Galen's courage, and he rallied his allies and continued to fight along side them.  Whenever Necro had hurt one of the heroes, Fiona, the unicorn who's passion burned with her mane, healed them quickly, and put the fire under the monster.  Finally Terra, the blind Earth Pony who refused to fall, released a powerful attack against him, seemingly winning the battle.

However, Necro proved too much for even the four heroes, and defeated them all, one by one.  With the Heroes defeated, and seemingly nothing left to stop Necro, the Elemental Gems slowly returned to him.  Suddenly, Galen stood with a burning passion in his heart and a unmoving determination to not give in.  Kilrik stood beside him, wounded badly, but ready to face Necro.  Something happened that day, and with the four Gems in hoof, the heroes obtained the power of Sol.  Using the new found power of the Five Gems of Elements, the Heroes vanquished Necro and sent his negative energy deep into the Sol gem, where it would be purified and distributed amongst the other gems.

After the War, Galen, Kilrik, Fiona and Terra became named heroes, but their real names never became known...