Summer Campout

Event Data: 
Tue, 2011-08-09 15:00 - Wed, 2011-08-10 15:00

Summer Campout!

Hey Everypony, it's summer and that means we've missed one thing this year. A campout! That means we need to get our flanks in gear to have plenty of fun! 


This is an open event, it's for anypony willing to come!

Start of the Camp Out: 15:00
End of Camp Out: The next day at 15:00
Events at 15:00- Hoof Ball and 1000 hoof long races. These may go until 22:00 when it gets too dark to see the track and Hoof Ball area.

Grills and Bar-be-ques
We will have grilled and bar-be-qued food until around 19:00 when the bonfire will be open for everypony to make their own s'mores. 
Food will be open buffet style until 19:00 to let ponies make up their own minds. Any food you want flame kissed you may bring.

Story Telling 18:00
The first pony to start the evening of story telling will be Crescendo Kite, telling a unique tale. Ponies wishing to have their own stories they wish to tell may ask for a spot with Crescendo.
When ponies are done telling their stories, we will have a fun event called the Story Told Around All- Everypony who wishes to may contribute 1 line to a story. The story starter will be random. 
Star Gazing 20:00 
Star Gazing opens at 20:00 where several telescopes placed at a semi sheltered pavilion will be set up for ponies to enjoy watching the night sky. Anypony who wishes to be in charge of the Star Gazing may make a fun quest for ponies to search the night sky for constellations or nearby stars.
Fire Dancing 22:00
Ponies may try their hoof at fire dancing. Buckets with water and the river will be close enough just in case of silly ponies who can't control their dancing and get a little burned. Using the fire sticks for dancing will be rare to keep the event from getting out of control.

For Ponies Still awake 1:00
Night cliff diving in the nearby lake with varying degrees of difficulty. The water and cliffs will be clearly lanterned to keep ponies from going off and getting hurt. The MAX the cliff height will be is 50 feet to keep ponies from hurting themselves. Pegasi are not allowed to go higher than this if they are participating in the event.

Rise and Shine! 7:00 
Ponies may try their hooves at making haycakes, waffles, eggs and hashbrowns. Fresh ingredients will be available for all ponies wishing to try to make these meals.
Pony Plays 12:00
Ponies who have asked ahead and have several other ponies with them may do a small play or small music concert. The stipulation being since we won't have power for instruments, you do not try to bring anything but acoustic instruments.
Last Hour 14:00
We sit around the ashes of the fire and take a bucket, gently splashing it on where the fire was. As we do this, we each take a turn and tell something they liked about the camp out.
Back to Ponyville 15:00
Everything is brought down, left over food is eaten after being cooked and all ponies hopefully had fun!