Time Family Time Works

Owner/Manager: Jacklyn</a> Time


Location: In The Library area.


Room: Twilights Library Surroundings


The Ponyville branch of the famous Time Family Time Works shop, it is a store specializing in the making of, repairing, and delivering clocks to its patrons. In addition to the selling of clocks displayed inside, it also handles custom orders and deliveries.


Exterior Description

The shop is a one story brick building, with a flat roof and a large display window in the front, which in addition to displaying clocks of several sizes and designs also has an Open/Closed sign. Hanging above the red door door is a sign that reads "Time Family Time Works, Ponyville Branch".


Display Room Description

The display room area contains glass display cases that hold small clocks as well as larger clocks in the open. It also contains the Counter where purchases and orders can be made.


Workshop Description

The area in back out of public view is where most of the work is done. Containing several workbenches and supply drawers as well as the entrance to Jacklyn's Offices, broken, refurbished, and new clocks are worked on in this area, which is prohibited to customers.


Jacklyn's Offices Description

Jacklyn's office contains a filing cabinet, some chairs for visitors to sit in, as well as her desk which is usually covered in order papers and such. On her desk is also a clock that she herself made, which is most definitley not for sale. A picture of her Great-Grandfather Box Gears hangs on the wall behind it.