Vinmart aftermath

So, the event wrapped up! Things are going back to the way it was! Yay!

Or does it?




Anyway, this was what happened, the stuff that are crossed off are the stuff we skipped over due to the spontenous nature of the roleplay:


1) We have Starlight supply the batteries. Crystal supply the optic to focus those power and shot far enough to hit the moon. And some NPC or whoever with the formula to move a simple shrinking spell scale up to planetary scale. They Of course, have to both shrink the moon, teleport it, and have the device to draw something on the surface of the moon. They managed to do the first two, but unable to sustains it. 

2) So they have to get Twilight over to help. Which they will do so by kidnapping Owlysicou... and to avoid having her friends interference, they kidnapped all the mane6's pet so they won't do anything silly. It would have worked perfectly except Crystal already planned on turning on them, so Crystal went outside to get ponies to help fight, she will be the one who activates the finale. Vin didn't know Starlight or Crystal, or even Lav figured out the plan behind this. So Vin probably just asked Trixie to get more power, and Trixie figured to do the kidnapping herself. Vin probably do not approve of this, but by then it is already too late. They kinda have to do it.

3) Once Crystal leading the pack here. Lav would attempt to hold them off by turning the Mane6 against the pack by making them look and sound like Purple gangs in their vision, so that is our Sub final boss fight. 

4) once they fought off the mane6, it is the confrontation with Vin. Vin probably will sound apologetic and at that time Lav probably just doing whatever it is to hope to get this over with without getting Vin in more trouble (thanks to Trixie, that is now impossible) and at that time. Crystal activates whatever she sets to raises some kinda platform, or whatever, and possibly due to power influx or whatever influences the device have on her, she turn completely insane, or normal, or evil, or whatever.

5) so then we fight Crystal, and thanks to the power, it will be a rough fight

6) Someone shows up. We are messing with the moon, who do you think it will be? Luna hits Crystal Shard with the moon, and ponies overall fixes the thing, sorta.

7) Vinmart is left heavily damaged after the ordeal. All the pets are safe. Some ponies are injuried during the final show down and are rushed to the hospital.