VINMART: Going Away or Here to Stay?

By Double Scoop


[Featured: A photograph of Applejack (though not named in the photo) beside her apple cart looking distraught with tears in her eyes with the imposing silhouette of VINMART in the background.]


It will be hard not to remember the 29th of Janurary; that fateful day when VINMART dropped its shop in the Town Square. It is a day that changed the face of Ponyville. With its cake-like silhouette standing out in the skyline, nopony can’t help but wonder how this will change their town. This isn’t the first VINMART to come to Equestria either. “We started from a small corner store to dozen of stores in various sizes, including the flagship store you see here today in Ponyville. […] It is made with plenty of expansion in mind,” said Lavender Haze, general manager of the Ponyville Vinmart. While a lot of ponies have expressed concern over such a large store being placed in such a small town, Miss Haze responded with confidence. “Ponyville is developing well recently and our corporation would love embrace and enchant this growth.” VINMART seems to be so confident about Ponyville’s market that they plan to make the Ponyville VINMART their corporate headquarters because it is, “strategically, a good logistic location.” This could mean a bright future for VINMART as they become more closely tied with the community.


However, local businesses have expressed concern over the large business moving into town. Worries of a corporate giant offering the same products at lower prices have a lot of business ponies shaking in their hooves. “There's no way there's enough ponies in this town to support local stores and a huge commercialized mess like that,” said Seabreeze, a Ponyville resident. “Ponies around here put their hearts into the stuff they grow or make, you can't get that with stuff like imported apples.” To oppose the VINMART, her and many others have proposed a boycott and are putting together a list of ponies that are not in favor of this business in our town. Another loud voice came from local businesspony Star Swirl [descendant of Star Swirl the Bearded] who owned a magic shop in the Library District. She held a public meeting the 10th and called out to all local business owners. “We need to organize. We need to act, not as individual businesses fighting against a massive company like that...but as a conglomerate family. […]Keep local businesses alive!” During the meeting, she made a bold proposal to form a guild of local businesses.


When the General Manager of VINMART herself appeared at the meeting her tone changed dramatically in the face of opposition. “Would you prefers to pay 1 bit for tomatoes this week and double next week. Or 20 bits for one lousy cherry? Oh, right, you lots are buying them. Not selling them. […] You can tell [the local business owners] out there that I am not honouring our deals anymore,” Lavender Haze said before storming out of the meeting. She wasn’t the only pony to leave during that meeting either. When her proposal for a local business guild was denied, Star Swirl packed up her business right then and there and left town making tensions even higher.


Other businesses didn’t seem too worried in the face of competition. “Well- Ah' reckon it's jus' really another business, sure they might sell stuff for cheaper but ahm' not goin' to get saddle sore jus' because competition moved in ya' know?” said Applejack of Sweet Apple Acres. “[They’re] already treatin' this complex like it's Nightmare Moon incarnate, it's brought jobs ta' Ponyville and yall are forgettin' it's run by ponies.”


Lavender Haze insisted that her and VINMART, “will do our best to make [VINMART and Ponyville] a harmonized pairing.” However, in the face of competition, Seabreeze says to local businesses, “Don't worry guys, there are a lot more of us than you might think who aren't so easily distracted by flash.” Whether VINMART is here to stay or not is something to be determined but it sounds like we may have a rocky road ahead of us before the dust settles.