Violet and Cy's house warming slumber party

POSTPONIED! (Admin Edit)


- A decently sized and colourful poster has recently been pinned up on the noticeboard in the middle of town. It reads:

   "Violet Star and Cyber Hooves invite you to their house warming slumber part this coming Sunday, starting at 2PM. Anypony is welcome, so please, bring yourselves and your friends! Just turn up and have fun! Cake, punch, icecream and all the usual items avaialble for everypony! Just look for the new, modernist looking house on Sirrup Street out in the residential area. Trust me everypony, you'll know when you see it. See you there hopefully!"

   There's an itinary written below that simply says:

- Eat cake

- Drink punch

- Play games

- Have fun! (Fun is mandatory, by order of the management).

In addition to that, there is a small note attached saying. "There aren't enough beds for every pony, but there is plenty enough room to sleep. Just bring a blanket and pillow if you want one!"