Wiki Howto

Here I will make a very simple instruction on how to make a page. Steps by steps!


  1. Begin. Simply go to the Wiki itself. Browsing around a bit. Getting a feel of the navigation and content. You can simply click on a link. If that link is linking to an article is not yet created, it will ask you to create a new one.
  2. Think. Do you want to edit something existing, or create something new? To edit, simply go to a wiki article, then click on edit. To create, click on a link that is not yet created, or simply click on Wiki new page creation.
  3. Start writing. You should now have a big empty box in which you should write or edit. It is just like a text editor and support a WYSIWYG interface. Like Microsoft word. The only thing particularly special about Wiki is that you should use [[double bracket]] around a term to create a leading link. Like this.
  4. Proof reading. Your article has not been published yet! Take some time to read over it a bit... looking out for spelling or Grammaticlal error. Feel free to use the  icon, click on it, then click on "browse server" to upload images and other revelent files to help decorate the page more. Once completely, click "Insert" uptop to insert the image to the article.

  5. Save. Just becase you saved, doesn't mean the article will be stuck like that forever. Each edit will create new revision, and it can always be edited and improved by the rest of the community. It is ok to make mistakes sometimes. Surely someone else will find it and improve upon it!

Happy wiki-ing!