Wisteria's Journal - Entry Three

Oh, I have just completed what must be the gaiest day in my entire life. It began as a typical day, I on my morning walk and the town abustle with its ponies. However that morning, I believe, is the final normal morning I shall experience for the remainder of my existence. First DragonsBane gifted to me the amulet we had retrieved yesterday and that I so desired to posess. I placed it on a golden chain and keep it now in my purse saddlebags. In order to peresent the books to Princess Celestia, DragonsBane, Carson_Marain, and I traveled to Canterlot by the morning train. The journey was somewhat uneventful, nothing relevant having occured, and when we disembarked in Canterlot I was quite amazed by the city. DragonsBane secured three rooms for us at a fantastically diminished price, and he and I read two of the three books. We then took a soak in the hotel's "claim to fame" hotsprings. That is where things became wonderous. 

I had not written about it previously in this journal for fear of an undesired reader, but yesterday I had found myself with a rather deep affection for DragonsBane. It was not entirely a despicable emotion, but few stallions purchase and wear golden bangles themselves and so I assumed that his affections were under the possession of some other mare. Was I ever wrong! He teased me for a bit, calling me out upon my 'crush' on him, and I was quite ashamed and embarrased. But then... then he professed that the attraction was mutual. And I kissed him. Merely upon impulse I threw myself at him like Father wished I would back in my fillyhood. And we kissed. We went back to the hotel room, then, and while he rinses off I use these blessed moments of privacy to write.