Woot, I have a personal blog on the site!

(( Bah! don't hit tab to autocomplete character names in these blog posts.  Sad ))

Joe (me): I am working for ZAGG as a web programmer (www.zagg.com).  I am also auditioning for a seasonal night job as an actor for a haunted house (www.theawakeninghaunt.com).

My wife is expecting our third child.  We are going to do a home birth this time and we are keeping the sex a surprise until birth.  Eliza (3) wants a brother and I want a boy too.  Our family tradition has been to pass down the name Joseph to the firstborn but my wife is trying to convince me to break it in the case of a boy.  We'll see.

Other than that, my days consist of 'honey-do's' and general home maintenance chores.  (So if I disappear from chat for 20 min or so, assume that's why.)