Words to Pets

This is a pet help store, owned by Precious Words. It's to help care for previously owned pets, not to buy or sell any pets. Her special talent is speaking to animal's so, when brought to Words to Pets, they will be in good hooves.


The store is mostly a that, a store. Things like collars, feeding bowls, and personalized toys can be found here for your pets pleasure. Do to her special talent, though, she is also able to help any sick pets. Diagnosis' are made easy when you are able to comunicate with the one that is sick or hurt. She has a sort of pet pharmacy at her disposal so she is readilly able to help any animal in need.


The place itself is just a modest building. It's big enough to house her supplies and have extra storage room. It has an open area in the center that's almost always scattered with toys. The wall are lined with shelves holding her wares and there's a back room housing her medicine and other extra's in supplies that could become handy. She has a counter next to the door to take care of anything related to business.


The outside is simple and has nothing that might catch anyponies eye, save for the giant, colorful sign with the name of her business proudly displayed on it. It is located close to the Library in the Library distrect.