Ye Olde Equestrian Faery Tale

Hey everypony!  The other day my friend Sapphire Night and I found a book of fairy tales.  Like, really, -really- old fairy tales, the mouthwriting was all funny and everything!  I only got the chance to skim a few, but one really jumped out at me and I wanted to share it so I copied it down.  I guess they told this to little colts and fillies hundreds of years ago, it's very simple and short but I found it interesting and I hope you do too!


Many, many years ago, there were no stars in the sky, and there was no moon above.  The night was simply blackness, and nopony ever went out in it.  This is the story of how the night got its stars, and of the Mare in the Moon.


Once upon a time there was a princess, and she ruled over all of Equestria.  Her ponies were happy and they loved her, and she loved them too.  But one pony, who she loved more than any other, was her little sister.  The princess and her sister would always be found together.  Sometimes they would be found sitting side by side on the royal throne.  Sometimes they would be found chasing each other through the gardens outside their castle.  And when night fell, and it got cold and dark outside, they would be found sleeping side by side until the princess brought the sun out again.  They were so very happy.


But one day the princess’ little sister was gone.  When she woke up in the morning there was nopony there.  She looked high and low but there was no sign of her sister.  The princess asked those in her castle, but nopony knew anything.  She checked the throne room, she checked the garden, but nowhere she would look turned up anything.  The princess searched all day long, but when the time came for the sun to go down her sister was still missing.


It was far too dark to keep searching but the princess didn’t want to give up, and she spread her wings and flew into the black night sky anyway.  But looking down, she couldn’t even see the ground!  Flying every which way there was no sight of anything at all, much less her beloved sister.  The princess began to cry, flying across the sky and calling out for her sister, and after a time she realized she could see just a little.  Not much, but she could see her own wings and hooves now.  And as she turned to look behind her, the princess saw little twinkling lights hanging in the sky behind her.  Her tears had become the stars.


The next day the princess tried searching again.  She looked all over her castle, then the throne room, then the garden, but she couldn’t find her sister anywhere.  At the end of the day she still had found no sign of her sister, and now it was time for night.  Her tears lit up the sky, but they weren’t bright enough for her to search by, and so the princess sat down and cried.  She cried and cried, and her tears pooled at her feet and grew bigger and bigger.  Finally opening her eyes and seeing the pool of tears, the princess used her magic and raised it into the sky, and it became the moon.


The next week the princess searched every day and every night, but she saw no sign of her sister.  She did the same thing the week after, and the week after, but she could never find her beloved little sister.  Her heart broken, she looked up to the moon and using her magic, carved a great likeness of a beautiful mare in it.  When her subjects asked her why, she explained to them:


“That is my sister up there, all grown up and beautiful.  Every night she will look down on Equestria, and everypony will see her and love her like I do.  And because ponies sleep at night, they can ask her for sweet dreams and she’ll visit them as they sleep and grant them.  This way every night I can be with my sister again, because I miss her every day.”