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A usually talkative but oft ignored Zebra with the Cutie Mark of a glass of striped vanilla cutard, Custard Stripe is an aspiring artist and baker, having had a serious passion for both since she was a filly. Now on her own and trying to find her place in the world, the mare is finding the world around her much more expansive and interesting than she'd ever had imagined. She hails from Saddle Arabia and from a family of well-known food enthusiasts, so talking shop with her about culinary delights of the dessert variety will keep her rambling for hours!

As stated before, Custard was known for being very talkative, but that really would depend on her company at hoof. She isn't too judgmental, but if you rub her the wrong way, you might find yourself being outright ignored! Some mares might get away with outright showing her affection, and even some of her close stallion friends might tackle-hug her, but if you're a stranger, you're better off with just a wave in her direction and some nice conversation.

Do NOT private message me with just a "Hello, how are you?" or even a "Hi". It's annoying and generally leads nowhere. If you "want to get to know me" (like so many claim when they do this), then keep it either in the OOC or IC rooms. Talking to me doesn't need to be some secret affair.

All art has been drawn by me, unless otherwise stated, and is not to be redistributed anywhere else without EXPLICIT permission. I also do not do requests for anyone other than close friends, but am always open for commissions! Trades are a maybe, since I don't have a good record with those things from other folks.

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