Monganu_Ponies' posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


1. Tell me what you want
2. Wait for me to approve
3. Pay
4. Send reference picture
5. Wait for your picture to be done (tops 1 week if very busy maybe 1.5 weeks)
6. Enjoy

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do
Earth Ponies
Mane cast
Simple people
Chibi ponies

Will not do
Bat ponies *sorry I do not know how to draw*
To much violence *overly dosed gore*


I do NOT have a paypal so all commissions must be payed in points from deviantART. If you do not have an account then send me an email and we will talk it through.

Simple Chibi- 25 points
Complex chibi- 40 points (background, more complex shading)
Additional chibi +10 points

Traditional sketch pony- 30 points
Traditional colored sketch- 50 points
Traditional shaded sketch- 70 points
Add background 10-20 points (depends on complexity)

Traditional sketch person or cat- 30 points
Traditional colored sketch- 60 points
Traditional shaded sketch (colored or pencil) 80 points

Digital line art pony- 40 points
Digital simple coloring- 60 points
Digital simple shading- 80 points
Digital complex shading- 100 points
Add a background 20-40 points

Digital line art human- 40 points
Digital simple colored- 50 points
Digital simple shading- 70 points
Digital complex shading- 110 points

Digital line art cat- 20 point
Digital simple coloring - 40 points
Digital simple shading- 60 points

Additional characters (all) 20+ points (depends on the character)
Background 20-40 points

P.M. or email for something else and we will talk about pricing.


Contact me on my dA
or at my email [email protected]

  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open