TanMansManTan's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


I only really have a few rules, firstly, *I can only accept payment via paypal only*.
Secondly, all commission that are Flats and upwards need half of the payment up-front. Don’t worry, I try to keep communication with all my clients and commonly ask how they like a picture as it’s coming along to best tailor it to your liking!

As a side note:
I specialize in Ponies, ponies, and more ponies! I have been branching out lately into human studies, but don’t hold your breathe, it’s nothing special. I’m willing to try out anthro as well!

Will Do / Won't Do

What I don’t do: NSFW, Gore, Vore, implied murder/death, any of the not so Safe For Work things. Mild suggestiveness is ok, but full on porn is a no-go. Everything else is game. Typically, just ask if I’m comfortable with doing a certain thing, and I’ll be able to answer you right then and there 9/10 times!

What I will do: just about everything else, unless stated otherwise!


sketches: $5

lined: $10

colored: $20

fully shaded: $30

Additional Character Fee: $3 for each additional character past two base characters.

Background fee: Background fees will be charged for the complexity of the given background for a picture. These are negotiable and have no price that is currently set in stone.


I am best contacted over at my Tumblr, http://tanmanscabana.tumblr.com/, however, feel free to PM me here as well! I can exchange skype and/or steam names so we can keep in contact as I work on your piece!

  1. Status: In Progress - girl's night out for Aspirant
  2. Status: In Progress - goat's night out for Goattrain
  3. Status: Open
  4. Status: Open