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The piece of paper shuddered

"Welcome to the room! I hope you enjoy your stay." it wrote.

Grim jumped back a bit surprised, but then calmed himself.

"But I don't want to stay in the room, I want to go back home" he wrote back.

"Well if you want to leave you need to take me with you! Its boring in the room you see and you're the first....thing I have ever seen in this room! Deal?" It replied.

In Grim's mind *Wait....a piece of paper has eyes? Ah well I really want to get out of here I guess having a piece of paper around ain't that bad*

"Deal" Grim wrote back.

"Ill make 2 doors appear one will lead us out safely, the other will lead us out as well but a bit treacherous"

Suddenly 2 doors appear one pink and the other blue.

Which door will Grim choose?
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