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At the Bar
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You wake up with a serious headache and look around. By your side there is an empty glass of milk....guess you're a real light weight...

Well it seems you're sitting at a table with two other ponies...

One earth pony with a black headband. He has a dark green coat,black mane and he has his eyes closed...just sitting there rocking on his chair.

The other is a cute pink pegasus wearing a red cap to cover most of her ever flowing blue mane. She seems to be occupied with a spinning top on the table....okaaay.

You take a good look at yourself and you're memory slowly comes back.

You're name is Polaro....you rub your head and tap your horn in the process.
Looks like you're a orange unicorn with a grey mane....and you have bow tie too. SWEET
You're also carrying a small saddle bag with a distinctive magnet inside .

Ok what should you do now?

((Some Bar music~ http://youtu.be/uXuWEAQWtxE ))
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