The Ponyville Incident - Page 1 - The Ponyville Incident - By Kind Shadow - Overview
[Warning: This story has boring warnings, and you should not read it if you are bored by warnings. It also is grimdark and may contain content not suitable for younger audiences. It is intended for mature audiences and reader discretion is advised.]

I'll be implementing a system to track how your doing.

HP = Health points. Basically how healthy or injured your pony is. When your HP runs out, your Pony is knocked out. Pretty basic. Certain things can increase your HP, too.

SP = Stamina points. How much energy your pony has. Rather than having special skills or spells cost SP, SP instead represents your pony's condition. The better condition you are at, the better you will be able to perform strenuous activity. Being out of breath, not having eaten for a long time, and other things will reduce your chance to succeed at those strenuous activities.

With this you can track the condition of your pony... Some choices will be okay when your in the right condition to perform them... However attempt those same choices while drained of stamina and you'll probably not fair so well. Aside from these things, you can also gather items and supplies.

There is also another thing you must keep track of... And that's time.

Choose carefully, and be sure to have fun.
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