Once upon a twinkling star - Page 1 - Once upon a twinkling star - By Lightning Flicker - Overview
Well, here we are. One swirling night and a wish that seemed impossible brought us to these current events with... Eh, we shall call her "Pony", for now. It fits and, oh hush, You! It's not like you actually need a name. I don't care if it's "common rights" or that you weren't made with one. Can't we all agree that you don't get one? Uh, fine, I can call you "Dandy", how about that? What do you mean it doesn't fit your name? Fine, "Dream Soar" for you. You like that you won, don't you? I see you smiling, but we need to get back tot he story.

Anyhow, my little pony right here was just taking a nap from a night of extreme wish making and a whole night of partying. Hush you before I make you a supporting character and our new main character is a twenty foot alicorn that can shoot bees from it's eyes and devour whole flaming rocks. That's more like it. Although you look adorable yourself! With your cute little boots and firepony helmet. You never had those things before? Well, now you do! Happy birthday to you! Fine, we can remove them. They just match your white coat very well! Although your mane could use a bit of a trimming, you know? No pony is going to like a messy-fessy hair do. Oh, right, you are lost in a cave. Seems like you should actually continue with the story.

The cave is sort of dark and spooky, vines popping out form the sides and stalagmites seen on the roof of the cave. It didn't seem like there was any end in sight, or what can be seen. Although after Dream Soar explored a tad bit and her eyes adjusting to the dark, she found out there was three tunnels. Each seeming like they lead down three different paths. Who knows what might be in store? Oh, wait, that's right, we do! Come now, Dream Soar! Off you go!
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