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My eyes hurt. My mouth hurts. My head hurts. My legs, my wings, my hooves, even my teeth are in agony. Of course, nopony can go through this pain and remember how it happened, but I did. And if I had any chance to change, I would. The only reason that I remember what got me to this point, is because before this, my mind was wiped. I have a feeling that it was my own doing, but for some reason all that remains in my memory is basic things about living, and things that have happened ever since I woke up in a Cloudsdale house. I had all of my stuff there. I knew it was mine when I looked in the mirror. The same dashing pony that I met face to face with on that shiny glass, is the same one in the pictures next to the bed, on the dresser, and lining the hall. Ok, so maybe I used to be self-righteous. But I just don't know what happened to put me there.

So anyway, I am in a lot of pain. So I am now back in my Cloudsdale home lying on the ground inside the window. It is early. My guess is 3 AM. I know where I am without opening my eyes...... but the fact is that I am dead. It is the fourth time ever since it started, and I always seem to wake up here... I think I burnt this time. Yeah, I remember Rainbow Dash. I just was flying home. Over Apple Jack's farm. I ran into a cloud and, more shocked than hurt, began my plummet. I wasn't far from the ground. I had little time to react. Apparently the Apple family was having a cook out. A bonfire. Rainbow Dash was there telling a story. As she saw me falling, I guess she thought I was worth something, and she came to my rescue. She yelled my name, from wherever the hell she got it, and tried to catch me, but I was already feeling the burning licks of the fire on my fur. Pain. Agony. Terror. And then..... Home. Now I am back. And I don't know where to begin my early day next. Not sleep. Never. I am in pain, but just a little now that I am healed. I just need to know what my life should be like so that it can be "normal" again.

I open my eyes, trying to see through the house with only the light provided by Princess Luna's stars and moon, to no avail. I give up soon and scuff my hooves to the hallway, slowly so that I don't hit anything. Guess what I did hit? A light switch that I didn't even know was there. My eyes, I am sure, were the size of train wheels. Here she was. Right outside my door, walking up with a bundle of flowers of different types. I saw a note. It barely was shown due to her rainbow mane, straight and sagging along with her head and her stride. I knew she thought I was dead. What I didn't know was how she knew me, how she knew my name, how she knew where I lived, and why she cared! I am not a good pony. I have never done anything for her and here she was... sad about my death.

I had to act quickly. I turned off the light and tiptoed over to the door. I decided that as she put the flowers down, I would open the door and surprise her. She approached. Sniffling but not crying anymore. She looked at the flowers and the note in her grasp. She hugged them both and kissed the note before placing them down at my doorstep. I turned the knob... and... -click!- I pull.

She had to have stopped breathing and simply stared for more than a minute. Just---------------- standing there. Without her noticing, I slide the note and flowers behind me and behind the chair to my right.

"B-Broseidon?" she spoke.
"Rainbow.... Come on in."

I put my wing around her and slowly walk her inside.
She made a sort of wimper... like a cry, a laugh, a giggle, and a squeal all at the same time. I sat her down on the couch. She wasn't comfortable. I knew she was still trying to take it all in, and I knew that it would be hard for her to understand. If she ever does, she will have to be one of the few ponies that I ever would tell of this.

I grasp the not. As I open it, she sees and although her hooves tense up, she seemed to calm down as if a pressure was relieved as I started to read it.

"Broseidon. I have a huge amount of respect for you. I knew that when I saw you coming out of the old house, you would quickly fit into Cloudsdale. I saw your eyes. They had the right amount of surprise, fear, agony, competitiveness, and glow that showed me exactly who you were. I didn't want it to go and just lose itself. You hosted the single most important thing in Equestria, and it is called Passion. My respect is extreme, my expectations are extreme, and somehow, you managed to shatter them both and I got to watch as I failed to save your life. I watched you burn. I am sorry. I am so sorry. I loved you, Broseidon. So did Fluttershy and Apple Jack, but I know that no matter what, I will always love you more than both of them combined. You filled my heart and now all that is left is my family and friends. Nothing will fill the gap that I left when I failed you. I just want this to be a dream. I want it to go back to how it was, and I want to destroy everything I own and start over again. But I will see you soon Broseidon. All that I need is to die. I will be with you. I will always have you here in my heart with me no matter what else tries to cancel you out. Goodbye. I will never forgive myself, and I hope you are happier wherever you end up.

Your lover.
Rainbow Dash."

I looked up from the paper and saw her with her face covered.
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