We're Still alive. - Page 1 - We're Still alive. - By Szalhi - Overview
We don't know how it happened. One day all peaceful. Next day an absolute wreck. The elements of Harmony have gone. Chaos is everywhere. Chaos has turned ponies into mindless monster's with the purpose of spreading it.
There's no more magic. Pegasi can't fly. Unicorn's can't cast spells. Earth ponies can't grow. The original Alicorns have gone. The Crystal Empire has disappeared once again. The animals, there's few of them alive. The rest also got turned into beasts. The only way we know how to live is to be stronger than the rest. And maybe, we can find the answer to this.
We always thought we were living the full potential. We always thought that all the threats were the highest. But this is probably the final test of Ponykind. Ponykind is falling, and all hope may seem lost.
But we're still alive.
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