Edge of the Map - Page 1 - Off to a good start - By Shinula - Overview
You've lived your whole life as a blank flank. You never found out why, you were the only one in your village to become an adult, yet never found out who you truly are.
Attempt after attempt at everything has left you with nothing but failures.
One day, you decided to look elsewhere...

You wake to the sound of an elderly earth-pony shouting your name. You stand up and exit the wagon you've been riding in. Outside you see the rest of the caravan, slightly distanced from your own wagon. As you head around to the front of the wagon, Old pony Jer greets you.
"Ah good, you're up. Welp, this is it kid. End of the line. Can't go no further, you understand though right?" You nod and thank him. While collecting your saddlebag from the wagon, a young mare runs over from another wagon,
"Take me with you!" Great, she wants to come. You instantly regret telling her about your plans. You try to explain to her just how dangerous you journey might be when she buts in with,
"I don't care! I've always wanted to see what's outside of Equestria, you can't deny me my life's dream!"

You've known this mare for quite a while although you've never talked much. This rather happy and loud filly who grew up in the same village as you. She seems to like you but then again she's the type of pony who likes everyone.
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