The Great Cloud Maze - Page 1 - The Great Cloud Maze - By Masterweaver - Overview
You are Rainbow Dash, fasted pegasus EVAR. And you, alongside a good seventy something other flying ponies, are now floating in front of... it.

The Cloud Maze. Nopony's sure who made it, or why. From the outside, it looks like a massive pillar of cloud formed into a towering mansion. But the inside... oh, the inside's always changing, always shifting. Every year on this day, a few brave souls get to brave this mysterious environment. The first to the top window wins... but what they win, nopony says. Not even previous winners.

You glance over your shoulder and grin. Rarity pulled a few strings, and now all your frined are right at the front of the crowd, cheering you on.

"Ya best be getting thar quick, Dash, cause if ya don't, I get ta tie ya to my plow fer a week!"

"Oh you're on, Applejack! You are so on!"


"Ha ha, okay, Pinkie. I'll try, but I don't think I'll be able to."

"I've found some old books on this tower. They're rather... sparse, but maybe you might be able to use the knowledge." Twilight goes to levitate the books out of her pack.

You stop her. "Thanks, but outside help's against the rules. Just keep cheering out here and I'm sure I'll be fine."

You look at Fluttershy. She looks at you. After a moment she lowers her head. " be careful..."

"Don't worry. I promise I'll come out in one piece. Absolutely promise it!"

And then, at last, there's Rarity. "Darling, do try to retain your dignity in there. I know some sporting events can turn into a fracas, but--"

"I'll keep my hooves to myself, girl." You roll your eyes, but you can't help but grin at the concern.

"SELECTED PEGASI! Please liiiiiine up!"

With a final smile at your friends and a cocky flip of your mane, you head over to the starting line. The announcer, a somewhat eccentric Pegasus with a loudspeaker cutie mark, flaps his wings for attention. "THE RULES: You shall enter through the front door. You shall exit through the top window. Exit anywhere else, and you will be disqualified. Get any help from a noncompetitor, and you will be disqualified. Damage any of the cloud walls, and you will be disqualified. Injure any competitor..."

He grins malevolently.

"...and you will NOT be disqualified because we don't have rules for that. First to the top window will win something amazing. Oh, and the maze race starts twenty seconds ago."

Somehow, he manages to sidestep the resulting stampede. You and all the other competitors enter the first chamber....
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