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Destiny- Chapter 1

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Destiny- Chapter 1

Postby Felix Wrightwind » Mon Apr 11, 2016 8:43 am

(Here are some pointers and rules before I get into the roleplay- this is mostly narrative. The reason for being is that it's a detailed to semi-detailed one. And if you plan on joining, I'd appreciate if you'd be detailed with me, too. Another thing- please use your best grammar. I don't particularly enjoy decrypting replies in some weird form of our language. Last thing- there's only one slot open currently. That's whoever is residing in this house. I will make another chapter anytime there's a slot for a character to fill, so if you don't get in this time, don't sweat it, there are going to be plenty more chances!)

Chapter 1- Destiny
It was a hot, sunny Summer's day... Birds were chirping- fillies were playing... School had been out for about a month now for them, naturally. Slowly, yet steadily, Vent pulled the cart up yet another hill. Placing a wood plank from his cart under the back wheels, he sat against the wood on the ground. He wiped the "hair" from out of his face. He felt the metallic, brown "hair" with his hooves. Others never really got close enough to see how reflective his "hair" was. After all, the only person he really knew much about was his boss- the one who'd dug him up for what seemed like such a long time ago. He didn't interact with others very much, as it might give somepony a fright to know what he really was. Ponyville never seemed quite ready to accept his level of technology- so, as his boss had agreed before he started his first day on the job, he lived in disguise... Just another pony. Of course, at times, he'd accidentally slipped up- like times in which he forgot to act frail, like anypony else, and ran up hills with the cart, trying to get the job done as fast as possible. But he had gotten good at faking his strength by now- he regularly took "breaks" in order to not pull forth suspicious glares. But this was long enough- this package he was to be delivering today was very special- even he didn't know what was in it (the boss never told him). Tossing the block back in the cart, he began to go down the road once more, dully wondering what could be so important as to keep a secret from himself. Finally, he saw the address of the house... This was it. Stopping once again, and placing the block back, he pulled a small box out and carried it to the door. It was surprisingly light. Placing it back on the doorstep, he made to leave- the remembered his instructions. "This package is very important, and therefore, you must see to it that the recipient receives it. Wait all day if you have to, just make sure you see the one you're taking it to gets it inside." The words rang in his head- turning on his hoof, he went back to the door and rang the bell. The door hadn't opened yet- but he felt it would be best to announce he was here.
"Special delivery from Girouette Express!"
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