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Postby Shinula » Thu Oct 20, 2016 6:55 pm

Hello everypony! Thank you for taking the time to read this. :pinkiesmile:

First, please read the Site Rules
As written, these rules apply except for the canon character rules. On the forums, anypony can play canon if they desire.

Forum Rules
  • Follow the site rules, as above.
  • Do not make spam posts or threads. Cracking a joke is fine but please, don't make a post if all you have to say is "lol".
  • Stay on topic. Do not derail threads with unrelated discussion. Make a new thread if you have a burning desire to discuss something else.
  • Be civil and courteous to one another. (No flaming, trolling, so on)
  • Check time-stamps before posting in old threads! Do NOT revive somepony's inactive topic unless you have a good reason to do so.
  • Create topics on the appropriate boards. It's okay if you don't know which is the right one though, it'll be moved if needed.
  • Title topics appropriately. A title that says "Thhhhpppbbttt" or "Help!" is not helpful to anypony. Be descriptive.
  • Have fun! Those caught not having fun will be fed to the Cragodile. (These rules aren't all that strict really, just use your common sense and everything will be just fine!)

Live Chatroom RP
You might notice there's not a lot of activity at all on the forums. This is because this site is primarily focused on live chatroom RP rather than forum RP.
If you want to know where everypony is having fun, visit the chatrooms, drop in the OOC room and say hi!
Link to Chatrooms
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